Pest Control Equipment

Pest control equipment is just as important to pest managers as the products they use, as the correct equipment ensures accurate and safe application. Check out this article to find out which are the pest manager’s favourite piece of pest control equipment.

Spray Equipment

Spray equipment is a core piece of equipment for pest managers as it is something they will use every day and on a majority of jobs. Spray equipment is broadly split into portable sprayers and spray rigs. Here’s an article which provides an insight into which portable sprayers pest managers are using.

Handheld Sprayers

Handheld sprayers are perhaps the traditional piece of spray equipment used by pest manager. Typically they are stainless steel and brass sprayers which hold 5L of product. There are also a range of quality polycarbonate sprayers. Here’s an article about the hand held sprayers pest managers are using.

Backpack Sprayers

Over the last few years pest managers have been converting from handheld sprayers to backpack sprayers. This is because they hold more product (generally 10L or 15L) and there are battery powered options available. These features allow spray applications to be carried out quicker and more consistently. Here’s a summary article on the latest backpack sprayers.

Trolley Sprayer

Some pest managers also use a range of trolley sprayers which have a large tank volume again and are generally battery powered.

Spray rigs

Spray rigs include a pump, spray tanks and hose and are installed on the back of the ute or in a trailer. There are uses for general pest jobs where larger volumes are required and for termite treatments. Here is some more information on spray rigs, including portable spray rigs, spray hoses and spray pumps.

Termite spray equipment

Whilst spray rigs are important for soil treatments, and important add on is spray injection equipment, which is required to inject the termiticides under concrete slabs and pavers.

Safety Equipment

Safety is the number one priority for pest managers. One of the key pieces of safety equipment is the pest control respiratory and filter.

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