Austates lift-off spray rig gives pest managers the flexibility to move their gear in just a few minutes, with the rig setup being fully customisable.

When it’s full of pest control equipment that is bolted to the tray, which prevents it from being used for any other purpose.

More than ever, utes (or utilities) double up as a family vehicle, they need to transform easily from the hard working ute during the week, to the practical family wagon on the weekend.

Of course, removing and installing a spray rig and other equipment can be a time-consuming process, which often requires at least two people. Austates have a unique lift-off system that will allow the removal of a full size pest control unit in a matter of minutes, by just one person, making the transformation from ute to family wagon a breeze.

Removable spray rig
Easy removal with the Austates lift-off system

This flexibility all allows for a quick change over when it comes time to upgrade the vehicle and in the event of an accident or major breakdown, that would see a vehicle off the road for weeks, it is easy to fit to rental ute and reduce work down time.

In addition to creating this extra flexibility, the removable system can provide some real financial benefits – it may well allow you get rid of a second vehicle, or a box trailer that is taking up space, reducing registration and insurance costs.

As all of Austates’ units are made to order and CAD designed, there is no problem sizing them to your existing ute. Actually, there’s not many down sides to having your equipment set up this way!

Get the most out or your ute at work and at play, with a lift-off system from Austates.

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