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Termite tunnels - Coptotermes - laboratory study
In-ground termite baits are a provide method for protecting buildings. However, latest research suggests that it may not be the best method for Coptotermes gestroi, due to its different foraging behaviour.
Gavel and scroll on top of a red book
2023 saw a good deal of merger and acquisition activity in the global pest control market. Here we share an overview of the most notable transactions.
Cigarette beetle (tobacco beetle), Lasioderma serricorne
An in-depth look at the cigarette beetle, Lasioderma serricorne, also known as the tobacco beetle.
Greenzone team
In this feature, we turn the spotlight onto some of the key companies within our industry. In this article, we look at termite product supplier Greenzone.
Rodent bait in a bait station
With a reputation for driving innovation, Liphatech advance the field of soft bait technology with the launch of Resolv Soft Bait in 2019.
Group of feral pigs
The feral pig problem is causing increasing concern amongst farmers and property managers in NSW, QLD and the NT.
It has been assumed that rats spotted in New Zealand supermarkets were Norway rats but could roof rats have been the culprits?
Man taking an online learning course sitting at a laptop
Belinda Smith, CEO of Rapid Solutions, outlines the training options available for pest professionals looking to upskill during the quieter winter period.
Spraying weed killer herbicide to control unwanted plants and grass on a backyard
With many pest managers opting for ‘disposable’ plastic sprayers, we ask, ‘What’s the value in maintaining your spray equipment?’
Gloved hands holding a kiwi fruit
A sizeable mouse infestation has wreaked havoc on a shipment of kiwi fruit.
red imported fire ant worker

Red Imported Fire Ant – Senate Inquiry

A Senate Inquiry into the management of red imported fire ants in Australia was carried out in early 2024. A list of 10 recommendations have been made in an attempt to overhaul the management of the program in order to meet its aim of eradication (or at least containment).

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