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In 2024, Professional Pest Manager magazine hosted the inaugural “Be the Expert. Meet the Expert” seminar.

In what is planned to be an annual event, the seminar will provide pest managers with the opportunity to listen to a global leader in pest control research as they highlight some of the key findings in pest control research over the previous year and offer their insights into trends for the year ahead.

The 2024 seminar was a great succecss, with 1014 registrants from 39 countries. This was in no small part due to our inaugural speaker, Professor Chow-Yang Lee, from the University of California Riverside.

The seminar and Q&A session were recorded and a video of the seminar can be viewed by clicking the link below (not live yet).

However, you will need to register first so you can login to the site to view the video.


2024 - Inaugural Seminar - Prof. Chow-Yang Lee

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