Goldacres offers a range of chemical spray equipment that is designed and built specifically for Australian conditions.

The Pro-Reel Traymount range of sprayers has been designed for professional spray operators who need maximum efficiency from their equipment. The setup comprises high quality components including a high-pressure diaphragm pump and 100-metre Pro-Reel remote auto rewind hose reel, all within a tidy, compact unit. The Traymount Sprayer is available in both 400L and 600L chemical tank capacities (twin sprayer with 800L capacity shown above).

The Pro-Reel Traymount setup features a twin diaphragm Udor high-pressure diaphragm pump (rated to 40 L/min at 40 bar or 580 psi) driven by a petrol engine. The pumps are perfectly matched to suit the desired tank size and sprayer configuration and are coupled to the Honda engine via a 6:1 reduction gearbox. This pump and motor combination delivers an excellent mix of reliability, pressure and spray volume.

Goldacres Pro Reel hose for spray rigs
The Pro-Reel RTV300 (300L) is designed to fit into most rugged terrain vehicle tubs or in the back of a ute

Quality hose is often overlooked in a sprayer setup, but a quality hose set can make a significant difference. Pro-Reel is a remote-controlled, automatic rewind 100-metre hose reel that is powered by a 12-volt motor, completely removing the need to manually wind up the hose after completing spraying tasks. The 150 w high torque motor drives the reel via a simple V belt configuration at around 6 km/h, which is a comfortable walking speed. With a swivel hose feeder with 360° rollers, the hose rewinds evenly and tangle free.

Controlling the Pro-Reel is simple, using a two-channel radio receiver that works within a 200-metre range. The remote control features a single-button motor shutdown for emergencies and a manual override switch that allows the hose to be rewound if the remote loses power, is damaged or lost. These functions of the Pro-Reel make spraying simpler, safer and quicker.

The spray pattern is fully adjustable from the turbo 400 trigger jet gun. The gun handles up to 70 L/min of flow and 700 psi of pressure and features a trigger lock handle with an easy adjustment lever allowing the operator to spray large volumes in a straight stream or fan spray pattern.

Pressure regulation is managed by a quality Udor three-way manual controller that features a complete bypass flow dump valve for easy engine starting and precise pressure adjustment. The controller will handle up to 120 L/min of flow and 580 psi pressure.

The ergonomic design of the Pro-Reel Traymount Sprayer range allows pest managers to work at their most efficient, safe in the knowledge that the high quality components and stainless steel external hardware ensures the unit can withstand daily use and the harshest environments.

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