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We have a range of magazine articles on spiders and pest control of spiders.

Spider identification

Spider identification is important – not only to put together an appropriate control program, but in case you get bitten the identity of the spider determines the medical treatment! Here’s how to identify spiders.

Spider treatments

Getting the best results from a spider treatment involves a bit more than a simple spider spray. Check out these tips for spider treatments and how to identify and treat common Australian spiders and the need for different treatments for different spiders.

Less common spiders

Although we have a range of species on our main spider page. We have some less common types of spider here, including the false widow, leaf-curling spider, brown trapdoor spider, wishbone spider and golden orb weaving spider.

Spider webs

Spider webs are works of art and amazing from an engineering point of view. However, around the home they are certainly very messy and of course a sure sign there are spiders about. Using a broom to get rid of spiders is a good idea.

Spider eggs

If there is anything worse than seeing a spider, it’s perhaps seeing lots of baby spiders emerging from a spider egg sac. Here’s some information on spider egg sacs of common Australian spiders.

Spider bites

Apart from their scary appearance and way of moving, be wary of spider bites is a very real reason to avoid spiders. Check out our article, Spider Bites – All You Need to Know.

White-tail spider bite

After the funnel web and redback spiders, it’s perhaps the white tailed spider bite that gets the most attention. Most of the media focuses on the apparent association of white tail spider bites with flesh eating ulcers. However, here are the facts about white tail spider bites.

More information on spiders.

redback spider egg sac

Spider Eggs and Egg Sacs

Many people can identify the common spiders in Australia, but do you know what the different species do with their eggs? They generally build an egg sac, which they either carry or hide.

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Golden orb weaver spider

Golden Orb Weaving Spiders

These spiders are notorious for catching birds and snakes in their webs, and can have a leg span of 20 cm. Would you be able to identify a golden orb weaving spider?

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Brown trapdoor spiders

They have alarming fangs and lurk unseen in their burrows for decades. They are commonly found in lawns and gardens. Would you be able to recognise a brown trapdoor spider?

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Leaf curling spider on web

Leaf-curling Spider

These are one of the most common garden spiders in Australia, but they rarely show their faces. These spiders hide in mid-air, cunningly using leaves, snail shells, or scraps of paper. Would you be able to recognise a leaf-curling spider?

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Wishbone spider

Wishbone Spider

They are easily mistaken for the funnel-web spider, mouse and even trapdoor spider. They are much more widespread than funnel-web spiders but not nearly as venomous. Would you be able to recognise a wishbone spider? (Image Credit: Cael David-Gallery, Aname comosa)   Common name: Wishbone spider Scientific name(s): Family Anamidae (part of the Family Nemesiidae until very recently).  Description: Wishbone spiders are easily confused for other mygalomorphs, including the funnel webs, mouse spiders, and various trapdoor spiders. Many wishbone spider species are

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