Termite Treatment

There are three types of termite treatment:

  1. Eliminating active termites from buildings
  2. Preventing termite attacks on existing buildings by the installation of a termite management system.
  3. Providing protection to new buildings, extensions and renovations, which are installed during the construction process.

Eliminating active termites from buildings is the first step of any termite treatment and may involved the use of termite dusts, termite foams and termite baits. Although the key objective is to eliminate active termites from the building, pest managers should take every effort to locate and eliminate the termite nest. However, this is not always possible as they are generally well hidden.

Once the termites have been eliminated from the building, it is important to install a termite management system to prevent termites getting into the house without being noticed.

Termite baits

Termite baits are perhaps the smart and environmentally friendly way to eliminate and control termites. The termite baiting systems really only target termites and although they can take a few weeks to several months to eliminate a termite nest, they are the only proven technique to reliably destroy the nest, even when the nest cannot be located.

Termite soil treatments

Termite soil treatments are perhaps the tradition way to provide termite protection to existing buildings, with termiticide applied to the soil around and under buildings to protect hidden entry points from termites. There are two types of termiticide – repellent products which create a “barrier” around the building which repels termites and non-repellent products which actually kill the termites when they come into contact with the treated soil. Generally speaking the repellent products are cheaper but the non-repellent products are generally seen as more effective, especially when even and complete application cannot be guaranteed.

Insecticide resistance in termites

Insecticides resistance is observed in many insects where insecticide use has been widespread. But does it occur in termites? Here is the latest understanding of insecticide resistance in termites.

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Liquid soil treatments remain a popular method for creating a protective perimeter around a property, with new research testing their effectiveness in extreme weather conditions.

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