Good termite management relies on a number of key strategies, including smart working with software and automation.

It is estimated that termites infest one out of every five homes in Australia each year, causing over $1.5 billion of damage annually. According to current Australian Institute of Architects research, less than 20% of homes are inspected and treated by pest management professionals. Termite management services can be lucrative for pest control businesses, but they are not without their challenges.

Technology can help professional pest managers overcome the complexities of termite inspection and treatment. As seasoned termite professionals will know, successful termite management involves routine inspections to monitor termite activity alongside liquid termiticide soil barriers or in-ground termiticide baiting systems.

Below are four strategies pest management businesses can adopt to provide excellent termite management services.


1. Ensure reports are professional and compliant

As pest management professionals know, termite services involve hefty paperwork. Ensuring that your inspectors have access to robust reporting capabilities will help you comply with legal requirements; it will also help you give a more professional impression to customers. ServSuite software helps businesses keep up with reporting by offering reports that can be customised to meet the requirements of any business size in any state.


2. Maximise efficiency with automated inventory management

Carrying out services more efficiently has many benefits, with enhanced productivity serving to protect your profit margin. With termite management services, tracking and managing inventory to monitor the products being used and their effectiveness is crucial.

In this climate of supply chain shortages, it is increasingly important to track your inventory levels accurately. Using technology such as ServSuite will give you detailed information about everything you need to know, ensuring you know what termite treatment materials you have and their location. Inventory management software will allow you to track items according to the truck and technician while also monitoring the whereabouts of your vehicles and large equipment. To avoid unexpected shortages, you can automate reports on essential usage, service, equipment details, and maintenance to ensure your pest control business can perform to its best potential.


3. Invest in barcoded stations

For pest managers managing properties with baiting systems, good record keeping and efficient inspections mean better termite management and more profit. While it is possible to complete meticulous inspections without termite management software, it can be highly inefficient. Investing in software that uses barcoded stations will save you time and money in the long run, making termite control services more profitable for your business. Using pest control software, such as ServSuite, to manage barcoded stations makes it a more efficient and therefore profitable service.


4. Don’t forget about reputation management

Ask customers to share their positive experiences with your services online. Whether through your website, social media, or local review sites, the value of the customer’s voice cannot be underestimated. When homeowners search for a company to carry out a termite inspection or treatment, they will likely go online. By prompting customers to share their experiences, you are enhancing your reputation and building trust in your business.


Safeguarding your reputation means managing your customer reviews


Termite management services can attract more complaints than other pest control services. The way your company deals with these complaints is essential for your success. Make sure to deal with any complaints head-on, professionally and promptly. This is particularly important when negative reviews pop up online. Even when the warranty does not cover the topic of the complaint, consider the value of providing the customer with a service that goes above and beyond, as this can help galvanise your reputation. Encourage customers to revise their reviews with updated information once you have been in touch with them.

Technology can help your business provide exceptional termite management services. Not only does it help with the quality of the service, but it also enables you to save time and money through increased efficiency. Solutions such as ServSuite offer a whole suite of tools that can help optimise your services by harnessing the power of automation.

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