Termite Paint, New From Greenzone

Greenzone has added a new product to its pre-construction termite management range. 

Greenzone has announced the latest addition to its comprehensive suite of termite system products: Termite Paint. New to the market, the product was developed following feedback from Greenzone customers.

“There was a need from our accredited installers to make Greenzone a one-stop-shop for products, which created an obvious opportunity to create our own termite paint,” explained Brett Bowey, general manager of Greenzone. “The paint is designed to be used in conjunction with Greenzone’s Backer Rod and Expansion Joint Foam in both pre- and post-construction scenarios, for both residential and commercial properties.”

Greenzone’s easy to apply Termite Paint contains a 2% concentration of bifenthrin, a chemical that has been proven to effectively repel termites and other urban pests. The acrylic-based formulation of the paint also makes it durable and resistant to water damage. This ensures that the protective barrier remains intact even in challenging conditions.

The paint is covered by the Greenzone $2 million warranty as it has been designed to form an effective termite barrier for the lifetime of the building.

After preparing the surface, Greenzone Termite Paint can be applied using various methods such as a brush, roller, or spray gun, offering flexibility to those using it. It also has the added benefit of being quick drying, which means installers can move onto the next job without delay. For optimal protection, it is recommended to use a primer and for two coats of the paint to be applied to get the desired thickness.

Greenzone Termite Paint is available in a large 15 L pail size and offers installers and clients a cost-effective solution for pest control, as large areas can be treated for a very reasonable price.

Greenzone’s Backer Rod complements the Termite Paint by filling larger gaps and entry points for protection against pests and termites. Chemically treated with bifenthrin, the Backer Rod can be used as a vertical and horizontal joint filler in concrete, masonry substrates between precast concrete panels, interior walls, sealing skylights, shop fronts and curtain wall construction. After installation the Backer Rod should be painted with the Termite Paint as together this will stop the ingress of ants, cockroaches and termites into any structure where it is installed.

By offering Greenzone Termite Paint and Backer Rod to clients, pest managers can provide a pest protection solution that is effective, long-lasting, and easy to use. It is a flexible solution that ensures compliance with AS 3660.1 even in situations where construction has progressed past the ideal point for a termite barrier to be installed.

Termite Paint is proudly Australian made and owned, and is just one of several products in the Greenzone product pipeline.

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