Andy Deering, CEO of ServSuite, reveals how automated systems can be of great benefit to businesses during the pandemic.


COVID-19 has prompted profound changes in the way pest management businesses operate. Practising and being seen to practise social distancing is key to running a successful operation during the pandemic, to both safeguard your employees and also to build trust with your customers. ServSuite have created a series of articles aimed at helping your business use technology to successfully navigate the challenges associated with running a business during COVID-19 – to learn how to mobilise contactless, socially distanced operations, ensuring sustainable growth throughout the pandemic.


In our previous article, we looked at how pest control software can be used to enhance marketing campaigns and build your brand. In this piece, we look at how Covid-19 continues to encourage pest management professionals to adapt their operations by using technology. Sales management in a contactless environment can be a challenge, but by leveraging pest control software like ServSuite you can build robust and durable processes in order to thrive.

From generating and nurturing leads, to the successful closure of deals, Covid-19 has changed the way pest management professionals handle sales management. Initiating a contactless sales cycle is your first step towards ongoing success. By implementing a paperless process you can operate safely throughout the pandemic, whatever challenges arise.


Digital canvassing enhances opportunity management

Covid-19 means leveraging technology to keep your sales pipeline healthy. By using the right software, you can find prospective customers and get leads in an area you are already servicing thereby optimising every moment of the working day. ServSuite powers a CRM module called ServSales that seamlessly integrates with your device’s GPS as well as auto-populating prospective customer addresses in your location. Digital canvassing is the first step in creating a contactless sales pipeline that not only allows you to automate key tasks in your sales ecosystem, but frees up your time for tasks only you can perform.


Remote measurement features are key for accurate proposals

There has never been a more pressing need for efficient sales in the field. Creating accurate estimates on the go is an essential part of managing a successful sales cycle while respecting social distancing restrictions. Utilising a remote measurement tool is key in order to manage accurate documentation for all new opportunities in your pipeline.


Electronic contracts with e-sign

Since the pandemic started, many pest management professionals have contacted us to ask how they might modify their contract management in order to make it entirely contactless. The good news is that with a business management software such as ServSuite it could not be easier. From agile contracts that can be customised from a mobile device to capturing e-signatures and charging credit cards, our ServSales app can do it all. For a healthy sales cycle, ensure that you choose a contactless sales management software that is specifically engineered to meet the needs of the pest management industry. ServSuite gives you the agility you need to enhance prospecting, digitalise proposals, contract documentation, and collect e-signatures.


Andy Deering, CEO, ServSuite

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