A suspected case of West Indian drywood termites has authorities on high alert in Rockhampton, QLD. 

Authorities are on high alert as investigations into a suspected case of West Indian drywood termites take place in Rockhampton, reports Melanie Plane from News Mail in mid December 2014.

A suspected infestation of the West Indian drywood termite (pictured above) was discovered by a pest inspector in a North Rockhampton home, and with its destructive reputation, Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) authorities aren’t taking any chances.

It is believed the infestation of West Indian drywood termites was brought to Rockhampton with the furniture of a South African family who moved to Australia about six years ago.

The family discovered the infestation in a lounge chair, which had been brought over from South Africa, when insects recently began flying out of the chair.

The West Indian drywood termite is an introduced species in Australia with cases considered rare nationally.

Despite this, it has caused considerable economic damage to timber-in-service in Brisbane, Maryborough, Bundaberg, Rockhampton and Townsville.

Queensland DAFF Biosecurity spokesperson Sacha Kitson said officers were investigating the reported case of West Indian drywood termites, but could not verify whether the case was yet confirmed.

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