Ultraforce Termite Foam has been developed to treat termites effectively, using a formulation that is a slow-acting and which doesn’t suffocate termites.

Ultraforce Termite Foam is a unique, ready to use fipronil foam in an aerosol can developed and formulated by Sherwood Chemicals for the professional pest market in Australia.

Sherwood Chemicals formulation chemists designed Ultraforce Termite Foam as a convenient tool for localised or spot termite treatment that delivers a consistent wet foam. As the foam enters the void cavity and dissipates (usually within six minutes), the fipronil sticks to the sides of the cavity to create a sub-lethal dose, therefore enhancing the slow acting transfer properties that fipronil has become famous for.

The active ingredient in Ultraforce Termite Foam is the industry standard of 0.6 g/kg of fipronil. As part of the product development design and testing, three fipronil foam concentrations were trialled in the laboratory and field to determine the most effective dose.

“As a result of these extensive Australian and Asian trials we discovered that foaming techniques used in the past to fill cavity voids were generally less effective. We also found that the mix rate, or concentration of fipronil in the foam mix was not directly related to the improved transfer of fipronil throughout a termite colony and therefore efficacy,” said Elton Arderne, Sherwood Chemicals’ Australian business manager.

“What we found as part of these trials was that when large amounts of foam using standard surfactants were delivered into termite workings or voids it tended to suffocate and kill termites on contact (within one hour). This created a cemetery of dead termites or an area that was sealed off by the colony.

“After the assessment of the initial trials we worked with the development chemists and researchers to change the type and ratio of formulation surfactants and experimented with the application and delivery of the foam.”

In the new trials, participants were asked to treat the areas with much smaller amounts of foam and spread the fipronil active in a manner similar to dusting. Small bursts of 2-5 seconds in one area and then moving on to a new area working from the outside of the infestation towards the middle. By working in this manner, the wet fipronil foam returns to its liquid form in around six minutes and leaves a residue within the workings.

This reduces the initial death rate from suffocation and increases the chance of termites walking through the residual deposits, making contact with the fipronil particles and enhancing the transfer of fipronil particles throughout the colony. By simply changing the foaming technique and surfactant types in the formulation in the new field trials, the results have been simply outstanding with results showing Ultraforce Foam eradicated termites within 1-4 weeks.

Since the launch of Ultraforce Foam in Australia in May we have received tremendous support and feedback.

Mick Blacklock, owner/manager of Spinifex Pest Control, Townsville reported that, “After using the Ultraforce Foam the results have been great – dead termites, green/gold coloured fungal growth in the workings and approximately three weeks until there is no activity.

“The ease of application is fantastic. I find that I am probably spending the same amount of time on completing the Stage 1/Remedial Treatment as when I was using other methods. But more of that time is spent on trying to find the extent of the concealed activity, rather than treatment, because of the ease of use of the foam. Ultimately, it’s a better outcome!”

It is important that technicians are trained on the correct application of Ultraforce Termite Foam as they will achieve better results and use less product. The foam generated has an expansion ratio of 27:1. In about six seconds approximately 40ml of liquid is discharged which expands to approximately one litre of foam. It can be used to treat termites in just about any situation like trees, posts, utility poles, power poles, roof voids, wall voids and sub floors.

Ultraforce Termite Foam is not a stand-alone termite treatment and should be followed by a Fipforce Aqua Termiticide or Ultraforce Aqua treatment zone around the structure to provide the owner with up to eight years of protection.

Sherwood Chemicals will be arranging training sessions on the Ultraforce Termite Foam over the coming months, so if you would like more information please contact Elton Arderne or John Ralph from Sherwood.

All Globe Pest Solutions representatives have been trained on how to apply the Ultraforce Termite Foam and can also provide you with marketing and technical brochures.

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