Termite Management Products for the Lifetime of a Building

Termseal has a long-standing reputation for delivering termite solutions designed for Australian termites and conditions.

Building regulations dictate that termite protection measures are incorporated into a building during construction. However, termite management is never a case of set and forget. After the home is built, annual inspections are a must and in many cases buildings will also benefit from a termite management system installed post-construction, to reduce the risk of a termite attack.

In fact, there is an increasing trend for buyers to ask whether the home they are about to purchase has a termite management system installed. They are increasingly aware of the risk posed by termites and a home without a termite management system could have hidden problems, or at the very least indicates it may not have been looked after as well as it should. Termite baiting systems are not only a proven termite management system, but the regular inspection plan that a baiting system requires provides reassurance to homeowner and home buyer alike, that the termite protection is actively managed.

Termseal has an enviable reputation for providing state-of-the-art termite management products for almost every type of construction and its ever-growing installation manual is testament to the versatility of the product range. Termseal products have stood the test of time with many having been in the marketplace and in use for over 20 years.

In addition to pre-construction products, the range includes the Termite-Pro Professional Termite Baiting System. This is a service-based system that uses in-ground stations for detecting foraging termites and an above-ground station that can be used when termites are active inside a house. As with all Termseal products, they have been developed to deliver maximum effectiveness by staff who have worked in the Australian termite industry for decades. The baiting system is a unique product that required its own efficacy data package, to demonstrate its effectiveness, to be registered with the APVMA.

The in-ground station contains blocks of hardwood eucalypt timber sourced specifically as Eucalyptus regnans. The use of this timber is critical for two reasons: firstly, as a hardwood timber it provides a long-lasting timber monitor in the station, not prone to quick decay like some softwood timbers; secondly, this hardwood eucalypt is recognised as one of the most palatable timbers for subterranean termites. It’s a myth that termites don’t eat hardwood, Nasutitermes spp. prefer it over radiata pine!


Demise termite bait station
The large in-ground bait station with Eucalyptus regnans billets


Combine the attractiveness and durability of the timber with a termite feeding attractant – in this case, Converge Termite Feeding Enhancer – and you have a formidable combination working to attract and congregate termites in the station. Converge has delivered activity in 100% of trials on 102 colonies across New South Wales and Queensland.

Once feeding on the monitors, Abide Termite Bait can be added. As pest managers will know, the key to the success in termite baiting is palatability and the key to palatability is bait freshness. With Abide Termite Bait actually made in Australia it will always be fresh to use. Abide is also available in a range of pack sizes to match the requirement of individual pest managers – 100 g bags, 1 kg bag or 3 kg bucket. The high palatability of Abide leads to fast feeding, allowing the chlorfluazuron to get to work quickly. It works by disrupting the termite moulting process, resulting in the death of the colony.


Termites eating Abide termite bait
Abide termite bait is manufactured in Australia for freshness and optimal feeding


Although termite colonies are probably doomed after eating only a few grams of bait, it is necessary to keep feeding the termites to observe the decline in colony health. In addition, multi-nesting species such as Schedorhinotermes have interconnecting nests, so a bait station may be fed on by termites from more the one nest.

Apart from delivering on the primary requirement of protecting the building from termite attack, a baiting system offers two key benefits over soil treatments. Firstly, it requires regular inspections to maintain bait levels, check for activity and to remove any competing food sources. Taking the time to do this demonstrates to the homeowner you are actively managing their property and provides reassurance – a great opportunity to develop customer relationships. Secondly, termite baiting systems actually eliminate termite colonies on the property over time, significantly reducing the termite pressure on the property.


The Termite-Pro Professional Termite Baiting System from Termseal
The Termite-Pro Professional Termite Baiting System from Termseal


So consider the Termite-Pro Professional Termite Baiting System from Termseal, developed in Australia by Australian termite experts. Termseal is not only a leader in quality pre-construction termite products; with Termseal you have Australian-made products to provide termite protection and maintain customer relationships for the lifetime of the building.

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