Termatrix from Sherwood Chemicals offers pest managers a highly effective termite solution without site fees.

The TermatriX Termite Management System was designed for professional pest managers requesting a components-based termite baiting system, with increased flexibility.

Following its launch in 2012 by Sherwood Chemicals, pest managers quickly found that was easy to install and service, had no contractual ongoing fees or royalties and contained a matrix of attractive cellulose food sources. But most importantly, “TermatriX created a non-invasive business model for experienced professionals to adapt the offering to their local business environment,” said John Ralph, Australasian director, Sherwood Chemicals.

The flexibility of TermatriX in allowing pest managers to adapt how they use the components to suit their customers’ needs and local business environment is proving very appealing. TermatriX can be used in combination with other products to provide different treatment options. Along with Termatrix, “The efficacy of newer non-repellent liquids (Fipforce Aqua and Imiforce 200SC) with localised spot treatments internally (Ultraforce Termite Foam), delivers a more cost effective solution to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.”

Victor Morgan from Envirotechnics commented, “We have been using Termatrix for the past three years as an alternative to other baiting systems, for sites where we need flexibility to offer a combination of treatments and solve the client’s problems within their expectations. In most situations it is rare that one product can solve the problem and not having any site fees definitely benefits our bottom line and provides a better solution for our clients.”

Mr Ralph continued, “Pest controllers around Australia are reporting significant improvements with the TermatriX Termite Management System. The in-ground stations (IG) have a number of features than contribute to the success of TermatriX.

“The large stations come pre-assembled reducing your time and costs for installation. The station design features a combination of wood/cardboard and compressed cellulose tablets, resulting in more choice for termites and a significantly far greater surface area of cellulose when compared to other systems. This has been proven in scientific research to lead to increased termite numbers attracted to the station. Obviously, increased attractiveness and higher termite numbers will result in better efficacy when the bait is added.”

Chris Sands from Accurate Pest Management has been using Termatrix for a while. “We’ve been using Termatrix since 2013, originally as an alternative to the major termite baiting manufacturers products, to escape expensive site fees. After the first year, we had saved ourselves thousands of dollars in site fees and product costs. We have increased our sales since making the change and I have no doubt that its a reflection of the cost saving we are able to pass on to our customers.

“There’s no rocket science to the stations themselves. They are simple, strong and practical, with sufficient volume for a range of treatment options at exceptional value. As far as the baiting aspect goes, we have had more success with the Termatrix bait than ever. The bait is consistent, and our results have been faultless over the past two years, with colony control taking place consistently between seven to nine weeks during the warmer months, and 10-12 weeks over winter.”

To learn more about the new changes to the TermatriX system or attend a training seminar contact Sherwood Chemicals or a Globe sales manager.

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