Sentricon AlwaysActive signals a change in approach to termite management for both pre- and post-construction jobs. 

Sentricon AlwaysActive from Dow AgroSciences is perhaps the biggest innovation in termite baiting for a while and has the potential to blur the lines between baiting and traditional liquid soil treatments.

The key difference with Sentricon AlwaysActive to other baiting systems on the market is that it contains bait. It is not a ‘monitoring’ station containing wood, it is a bait station which can start controlling termites immediately after installation.

Joanne George, Sentricon business manager elaborated, “AlwaysActive delivers all the benefits of both a baiting system and a chemical barrier, with none of the drawbacks. AlwaysActive controls termites from the day it’s installed and has actually been shown to eliminate multiple termite colonies before the pest manager has even detected them.”

It is clearly reassuring for homeowners and pest managers that AlwaysActive continues to work between visits. In that respect AlwaysActive is performing more like a liquid termite treatment, providing continuous protection for the property.

But it also provides advantages over liquid treatments. Clearly it retains the baiting advantage of a favourable safety and environmental profile, but it is also a more robust system. Liquid treatments can be bridged through soil movement, homeowner activity, root growth and more. Not so AlwaysActive.

Sentricon AlwaysActive is purely an in-ground (IG) system, designed to protect structures. Approved for use around new and existing structures, the Sentricon AlwaysActive system consists of Sentricon IG termiticide rods, pre- loaded in the ‘Ready-To-install’ Sentricon stations. With no assembly of stations and no need to add moisture, installation is quick and easy.

The Sentricon IG termiticide rods are a patented high density cellulose impregnated with 150g of hexaflumuron. This highly desirable termiticide rod has been found to remain active for up to five years in the ground.

Termites tucking into the AlwaysActive termiticide rod

Pat Osborne from Osbornes Pest Services was involved in pre-launch trials of AlwaysActive. “At the two sites we had, we experienced unprecedented, aggressive feeding. It seemed the termites could not get enough of the Sentricon IG termiticide rods and continued to feed robustly on any replacement rod without any delay!”

Although the bait stations are always active, pest managers still need to carry out checks on the stations, to see if replenishment is needed and of course the annual property termite inspection is still required.

Ms George commented, “It is recommended pest managers monitor the Sentricon stations every three to six months during the warmer months and every six months when its cooler, to ensure continuous protection. Replace the termiticide rods when 50% or more has been consumed.”

If your client already has Sentricon Stations installed, converting to Sentricon AlwaysActive is as simple as removing the wooden monitoring devices and inserting a Sentricon IG termiticide rod in their place. There is no need to remove existing stations as the Sentricon IG termiticide rods are sold separately.

Sentricon AlwaysActive is easy to install and maintain (even by your newest trainee), and allows you (and your experienced technicians) more time to expand your business. Compared to existing termite management systems, Sentricon AlwaysActive provides more affordable and reliable protection for the homeowner.

Sentricon Ready-To-Install station is pre-loaded with a Sentricon IG Termiticide rod

The customers certainly appear to like the concept. “The general consensus was they loved the 24/7 protection offered, giving them peace of mind,” said Mr Osborne.

“For us, what’s not to like? I honestly cannot see one negative in this product. With better protection and fewer visits, it makes it cost effective for the client and of course, more profit for us!”

Vasili Tsoutouras, director of Allstate Pest Control, who has also been involved in trialling AlwaysActive agrees, “This is going to be a great product, consumers are going to love it, it’s exactly what a baiting system should be. We can’t wait to start selling it.”

Sentricon AlwaysActive from Dow AgroSciences is now in store!

Visit the Sentricon AlwaysActive YouTube channel to learn how to use Sentricon AlwaysActive and hear from other industry professionals on their experiences. There are links on the Sentricon website to access the online accreditation course.