Karen from Coastal Pest Solutions in Yamba, NSW, explains why Sentricon AlwaysActive is a good choice for clients looking for a low chemical system.  

Safety considerations and environmental impact are important factors when deciding on a pest treatment or termite management system.

With this in mind, in many ways, Sentricon AlwaysActive is the perfect choice of termite management system for your technicians, your clients, their pets and the environment.

It has negligible acute and long-term toxicity to humans, with no irritation or sensitisation potential and has a very low vapour pressure, so it produces no odour.

As the product is presented as a solid rod, there is no mixing or messiness involved at all. Gloves are only recommended so that you don’t transfer your scents onto the rod and scare off the termites!

The action of Sentricon Always Active is so specific to termites, no beneficial insects (such as worms, ladybirds, butterflies, etc) or animals are affected by it.

For all of these reasons, in the US it was awarded the 2000 Presidential Green Chemistry Award for designing greener chemicals.

“With ever-increasingly strict regulations surrounding worker health and safety, having a termite management system like Sentricon AlwaysActive that has low toxicity and is simple to use is a huge bonus to small business operators,” advised Joanne George, business manager pest management for Dow AgroSciences.

“We even provide free, online training to ensure all pest managers have access to all of our information to ensure a fast, safe and successful installation and monitoring procedure.”

Pest control managers across Australia have already identified how and where these benefits can work for them.Trevor Scott, from Murray Pest Control in Adelaide outlined why they starting using and continue to use Sentricon.

“Back in the 90s when the Australian government was deregistering the organochlorines [due to safety concerns], we had to look for something new. Sentricon had been trialled by the CSIRO and was found to be effective at eliminating termite colonies.

Since then we’ve installed it to thousands of homes across Adelaide, across South Australia and into the Northern Territory. We see this product as a big advancement. We see it as the most reliable product, it’s safe, and it’s also affordable.”

Karen from Coastal Pest Solutions in Yamba, NSW also explained why Sentricon Always Active was such a good fit for their business.

“There are quite a few sensitive locations throughout our service area where the use of chemicals is just not an option. Sentricon AlwaysActive is perfect in those areas. It is easy to use and easy to install, requiring no mixing of chemicals, which is a good point in regard to safety, efficiency, ease of installation and the environment.

“We certainly prefer Sentricon AlwaysActive around properties rather than the use of chemicals, primarily due to the sandy soil in our area. We have found you don’t get sufficient longevity from the chemical in the ground. With the rods you can visually see when they need changing, you can visually see when there’s activity there when you’re monitoring them.

“Our head technician is all for Sentricon AlwaysActive, he loves it.

“Businesses in urban locations, in particular, have found a fit for Sentricon AlwaysActive where councils are restricting the use of chemicals near heritage buildings. Managers of environmentally-sensitive areas are also turning to Sentricon to ensure native animals and fragile environments are not impacted by chemicals whilst protecting infrastructure,” advised Ms George.

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