Sentricon AlwaysActive gets to work protecting buildings from termite attack from the moment it is installed. 

Most homeowners only consider a termite management system after they (or a neighbour) have experienced an infestation. Preventative termite control is an insurance many find hard to justify. Yet the statistics are overwhelming: Archicentre (2012)1 estimated that 650,000 Australian homes became infested by termites between 1998-2003, and the cost of treatment and repair of the damage caused by these termite infestations was estimated at $3.9 billion.

We all know that a person’s home is their castle, so when its attacked, homeowners are prepared to spend considerable amounts of money to eliminate the pest and repair the damage. However, this expense often costs many times more than the costs associated with a preventative system.

Sentricon AlwaysActive is the ‘easiest sell’ to homeowners. It doesn’t just repel or kill treated termites; it eliminates the entire colony. Sentricon AlwaysActive can be installed at any time, from pre-construction onwards, with the system being able to be modified at any time to accommodate site changes (such as an extension or new landscaping). Most importantly for the homeowner, Sentricon AlwaysActive is safe: to the users, the homeowner, their children, their pets and the environment.

Sentricon AlwaysActive is so specific, non-moulting insects nor other animals are affected by it. It has negligible acute and long-term toxicity to humans, with no irritation or sensitisation potential. The high-density rod (main picture, above) doesn’t leach or produce odour, so there are no off-target impacts. For all of these reasons, it was awarded the 2000 US Presidential Green Chemistry Award for designing greener chemicals.

Trevor Martin from Millerd and Martin’s Pest Control, Gunnedah has had some good experiences with Sentricon AlwaysActive recently.

“We put in a system at a hobby farm just outside Coonabarabran in central west NSW. We had been monitoring the house for several years when the owner called us out to inspect some damage in the paper on the gyprock in a few places. The house is timber on slab, cypress pine, so structurally there shouldn’t be any damage, but cosmetically termites can do a bit.

“There was certainly evidence of termite damage since our last visit, but we couldn’t find any active termites; the owner may have disturbed them and they left the site. In any case, there was no activity there when we inspected the house and we couldn’t find the nest. We couldn’t put a treatment on the house so we thought the best way to go would be to use Sentricon AlwaysActive.

“We got termites into the AlwaysActive rod almost straight away, within two months after installation. We’ve replaced one rod after more than half of it had gone, and it’s been all quiet since. It’s going really well, we’re really happy with it. The owner was happy with getting results so quickly as well.

“Everything’s going well with AlwaysActive. I have no hesitation in recommending it. It’s good gear!” concluded Mr Martin.

The fact that Sentricon AlwaysActive is a termiticide rather than a baiting system means that colony elimination can begin from the day of installation. Colonies have been eliminated even before they have been detected! You cannot get a termite management system better than that.

The Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod comes pre-loaded in the Sentricon Stations, so installation is quick and easy without any need for handling chemicals. Those who have purchased hand-held motorised augers are finding installations, monitoring and cleaning the stations to be very fast and effective. These are available from both Garrards and Globe or direct from manufacturers such as Power Planter, G J Dix & Son (South Australia) or AMS-Samplers in the US.

1Archicentre News Release (2012). Take termite threat seriously, urges Archicentre Australia.

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