A father and son team from QLD has developed a solution for messy liquid chemical termiticide jobs: the Termi Slab Seal. 

Neil and Zane Archer, father and son team of Archers Termite and Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast have invented Termi Slab Seal.

Neil Archer started working in the pest management industry with Flick in 1964. Zane Archer worked with his father during his holidays helping him carry out all kinds of pest control treatments.

Along the way, Neil Archer experimented with different types of seals for keeping chemical liquid in place while applying termite barriers and treatments. Together, they have been experimenting with different systems and ways to make the industry safer, and help pest managers to save time, and apply every job with the highest standards, quality and efficiency.

Termi Slab Seal is a revolutionary new system to inject chemical in all concrete areas, whether performing a termite perimeter barrier, internal slab treatment or sub-floor horizontal injection.

Termi Slab Seal is the future for injecting chemical in all areas. No more wasted chemical while injecting termiticide when performing a termite perimeter barrier. There is no splash back of chemical, all your injected chemical is where it needs to be – under the concrete performing a much better termite barrier than ever before.

Termi Slab Seal is:

  • Better for the environment
  • A better termite barrier for the homeowner
  • Better for the termite professional
  • Better for warranties
  • A time and money saver

Termi Slab Seal not only keeps the termiticide under the concrete, but also allows for better dispersion in all soil types. When you have completed your termite perimeter barrier using Termi Slab Seals you will know that every drop of termiticide is in place doing its job for you and keeping your clients home as safe as possible. Termi Slab Seal creates more client confidence.

Termi Slab Seal has been in the Archer family business for a long time and at present is being distributed through Garrards outlets.

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