Working in Termite Pre-construction? Reputation Matters

Peter Brigden, General Manager of Termseal Australia, outlines the reasons why termite management professionals can stake their reputation on Termseal’s Australian-made products.

Experience is everything in the pest management business, especially when dealing with termites. In pre-construction termite work, pest managers need to know they have versatile solutions to cover all situations, but most importantly they need to know they are using quality products that won’t let them down. When reputation means everything, it makes sense to use products that have stood the test of time. With that in mind it’s hard to go past the Termseal range of products – the proven Australian-made system that has been on the market for nearly 20 years.

Termseal Australia leads the way and brings innovations to the market. One such product is Multi-Purpose Active Termite and Waterproof Barrier. First tested in 2005, the system has never had a reported failure when used in new or existing building construction. Why is Termseal’s Multi- Purpose Active (TWB) so successful in preventing termite entry? Because it was brainstormed, tested, redeveloped, tested, trialled and retested in Australia – and only in Australia. It’s an Australian product, tested on Australian termites for the Australian market. Very few products in the industry have this kind of development history, and even fewer have been developed by an Australian pest manager; in this case, Phil Hannay, CEO and technical director of Termseal Australia.

Termseal’s Multi-Purpose Active (TWB) has had over 20 years of design, testing and use in countless installations across Australia. Importantly, during development, Termseal TWB was actually tested in bushland, where termite activity is at its maximum to prove its efficacy, with product tests on multiple colonies in both southern and northern Australia on Coptotermes acinaciformis and Mastotermes darwiniensis amongst other species (main picture, above).

The registration process sometimes allows copy products to gain registration without actual field data, on the basis that they are ‘similar’ to a product on the market. Termseal believes the only way to know a product works is through generating actual data. When you are using a termite product, it’s important to know that it is backed by real-world testing.

It took determination to prove a product concept that many believed was unachievable. The result of Termseal’s rigorous testing is an APVMA-approved product that has been independently assessed to meet the National Construction Code requirements, resulting in certification from the CodeMark Australia scheme. It takes continuous research and ongoing product development to maintain product specifications that meet these changing regulatory requirements.


Pile of timber
Termseal field trial site, showing test material in the middle. In an effort to maximise termite activity during the test period, feeder material in the form of cut timber and rough-sawn bush timber is buried alongside before being covered with soil. It is then covered with black plastic


Termseal is also proud to offer pest managers online and face-to-face or on-site training to ensure professional installation of the product. Our trained and experienced professionals are always available on the phone to answer questions from pest managers, builders and building certifiers. After successful installation, a (limited) product warranty offers further reassurance to installers and building owners about the integrity of the system.

Multi-Purpose Active, PrimeCoat, Ura-fen Shield TWB, PRM Cord and Capping strip, Sealant Active, Termite-resistant Adhesive, Reo-band FG, Penetration Collars, EZY-Collar, Soft Collars, TopBait Plus Cockroach Bait, TopBait Knock-On Ant Bait are all examples of Termseal products developed with the same rigorous approach to ensure they work and are good value for money.

All of these products are exclusively trialled, tested, manufactured and registered in Australia. So few companies can boast such a wide product range, and it is a proud point of difference.

When it comes to termite work, your reputation is everything. You can confidently stake your reputation on Termseal’s Australian-made termite management systems.


Peter Brigden, General Manager, Termseal Australia

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