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Greenzone has expanded their termite protection system with the release of a Termite Management Film to provide pest managers with a complete perimeter system.

Greenzone has expanded their termite protection system with the release of a Termite Management Film to provide pest managers with a complete perimeter system.

Greenzone hit the market over two years ago with the launch of their Termite and Insect Barrier – their patented, easy to apply expansion foam product – and since then they have been been working hard to provide innovative alternatives for termite protection in the pre-construction sector.

The Termite and Insect Barrier foam was launched in late 2017 followed by their 50 and 100 mm Sock Termite Barriers – foam socks for penetrations – in early 2019. With different requirements for penetrations around the country they then released 40 and 80 mm socks later that same year.

The Greenzone Termite and Insect Barrier foam roll applied to the front of a garage slab

“Ever since we launched our first products, our customers have been asking for a perimeter product to complete our system,” Stewart Paterson, Greenzone business development manager explained. “Pest managers prefer to install the same product across the site with pre-construction and this is now possible thanks to our new film, creating the Greenzone termite management system.”

The various elements of the Greenzone termite management system can be used to provide complete termite protection across the range of construction types.

Greenzone Sock Termite Barriers on pipework

The original Termite and Insect Barrier can be applied to construction joints; basically any two slabs butting up to each other. “With standard construction joints, where you would have previously used a blanket and ableflex, Greenzone now covers two products with one installation.”

The system can also be used on driveway slabs where they join to the front of a garage as well as footpaths and patios abutting exposed edge slabs such as raft slabs. “All you need to do is direct stick to the front of the garage slab and overlap the ends past the perimeter blanket, it’s that easy.”

The new Greenzone Termite Management Film on a slab perimeter

The socks are straight forward to suit penetrations of 40, 50, 80 and 100 mm diameter and the versatility of the Termite and Insect Barrier foam roll allows it to be cut to wrap around any other size pipe. The Termite Management Film, which is available in 100, 150, 200, 280 and 300 mm as standard widths, and up to 6 m widths made to order, will meet the termite protection requirements on many perimeter installations.

The film, with its bifenthrin polymer matrix, is installed before formwork for more flexible site scheduling and a more cost effective process. “We’ve recently updated our website to include a post code locator for builders to find their local Greenzone accredited applicator. We wanted to make it easy for builders to connect with pest managers who are accredited to use our system,” Mr Paterson said.