Australian designed and manufactured, Termseal’s range of termite proofing products provides pest managers with a complete termite solution.

Termite management during construction requires a combination of products and expertise; products that are independently certified to perform their purpose and expertise about how to use them in an ever-changing industry with ever-changing building designs that vary greatly across Australia.

CodeMark certification is the most respected and accepted independent process by which products are verified as adhering to the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). This process keeps the products’ performance current, as they must be continually reviewed and certified following each tri-annual update of the BCA (which will in fact occur this year).

The CodeMark certification process makes it very easy for certifiers to accept a product’s performance credentials. This certification also allows product manufacturers to promote their product’s performance through the National Construction Product Register (NCPR), which government architects, designers and building professionals, large and small, look at for evidence of verified product performance.

Termseal has been manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of premium and ecologically sound termite and moisture barrier solutions and products for pre-construction, renovations, additions and post-construction applications, since 2003. All Termseal products are CodeMark certified and pest managers can have extra confidence knowing the products were developed in Australia for local conditions. With all Termseal products also manufactured in Australia, they can also have confidence in supply.

As well as keeping up to date with product certification, termite management professionals must also keep up with the latest installation techniques. Building envelopes are getting smaller as developers and builders get the most out of the land available. There is increasing demand on land, particularly in coastal areas of the country so more houses are being ‘squeezed’ onto smaller blocks. This trend presents challenges to the industry each week. New building designs maximise use of the land but in turn require product manufacturers to work with builders and architects to come up with new installation methods. The installation methods that are developed after consultation with Termseal’s accredited and dedicated installers are then utilised to update the product installation manuals.


Termseal staff providing onsite assistance


Termseal’s sales and technical teams have daily contact with Termseal’s network of accredited installers both to provide support but also receive feedback. Assistance in dealing with new construction challenges on site, help in reading building plans and providing suitable feedback to builders and architects around improvements in their design and suitable termite protection is valuable support for Termseal installers. This regular contact with customers also allows Termseal to receive feedback from installers, which provides the basis for the development of new techniques and products.

Buying termite management products from Termseal is an investment in a truly Australian business. The money invested stays in Australia, keeping sales, support and manufacturing staff in jobs and allowing for the development of new products such as the recently launched EZY-Collar.


EZY-Collar being installed

Termseal primary products

The team at Termseal believe termite proofing requires an integrated system of products to achieve an effective and permanent system against termite ingress. Therefore, they have developed seven primary products and several ancillary products that aid installation.

  • TERM-seal Penetration Collars — Rigid, Ezy, Soft Annular or Sealant Active
  • TERM-seal URA-Fen Shield TWB — Top-loaded or side-loaded perimeter cavity installations
  • TERM-seal Poly Reinforced Membrane (PRM) Cord and Capping Strip — Strip shielding, ant capping or cavity installations
  • TERM-seal Ura-Fen Major (Foam) — Cavities, gaps and fissures
  • TERM-seal Sealant Active — Service penetration protection, can be used to form a gasket control agent for Termseal PRM Active to concrete and masonry, also used for repairs and joints with Reo-Band FG
  • TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active — Backfilled retaining walls as termite and waterproof membrane and construction joints
  • TERM-seal TWB VoidForma — Joint protection


Termseal ancillary products

Termseal manufactures three key ancillary products, which combine with its seven key products to form a powerful system for the management of termites and moisture in every construction scenario.

  • TERM-seal Reo-Band FG — Used in conjunction with Sealant Active and Multi-Purpose Active to strengthen critical joints and slab edge repairs
  • TERM-seal Prime Coat — Must be applied on all applications prior to the first coat of Multi-Purpose Active or Sealant Active, especially to older or contaminated, porous and friable surfaces that have been cleaned
  • TERM-seal Ura-Fen Adhesive — Must be used when installing Ura-Fen Shield TWB. Specially formulated for bonding Ura-Fen Shield TWB to concrete, masonry and sealing joins and corners of the barrier


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