The Greenzone range of products provides solutions to the most commonly faced challenges in pre-construction termite work. 


The pre-construction termite market is a significant segment of the pest control market, but it’s not without its challenges. Understanding these challenges, and using products that can help deal with these problems, allows pest managers to pick up new customers, keep them and develop a profitable business.

Builders want an easy life and tend not to be the best at project management. Coordinating all the trades is a headache, but not booking jobs in the correct order, not allowing enough time for work and the good old fashioned cock-up, are all too common. Anything you can do that will make their job (and your job!) easier and help resolve some of these mistakes will be very welcome. The Greenzone range of products have been developed with precisely this in mind.

Joins between concrete slabs and other construction elements need both expansion foam and termite protection. Traditionally that would require two tradesmen applying two different products, but with the Greenzone Expansion Foam Termite System, pest managers can deal with both treatments by applying a single product.

Greenzone Expansion Foam Termite System consists of a patented, compressible foam impregnated with bifenthrin (pictured above, in a perimeter application). Tested in Darwin by Dr Theo Evans, APVMA registered, CodeMark certified and now installed in thousands of homes since its launch over four years ago, Greenzone has become a trusted name in precon. Part of Greenzone’s growing reputation is built on the innovations that allow pest managers to deal with the challenges of pre-construction work.

Apart from the obvious benefits of a 2-in-1 product, the expansion foam is easily applied with its self-adhesive backing. Not only does this avoid the need to carry extra equipment and fixings, but it can be applied quickly and accurately – great when you have a builder breathing down your neck!

The multiple uses of the Greenzone foam means you often only need one product in your ute and you have a solution for a range of on-site issues.

The Greenzone foam can also be applied to penetrations. Again it provides flexibility in application – as long as the pipework is in place, it can be applied any time before the slab pour. This wide window for application not only gives the builder flexibility in managing the job, but also means as a pest manager you can service multiple buildings on the same site even if they are at a different stage of build.

Greenzone foam can also be used instead of installing a reticulation system under perimeter hard surfaces. By applying the foam to the slab edge that will abut a path or driveway, it will avoid the need to install a reticulation system – still providing the necessary termite protection but saving significant time and money.

Greenzone also offers a range of ready-made foam socks for penetrations as well. It’s not uncommon to arrive on site to find caps glued in place over the penetrations, making it impossible to apply a rigid termite collar. With the Greenzone Socks, they slide straight over the cap.

Pest managers and builders alike are often more comfortable when the same brand of product is applied across the site. With the Greenzone Termite Perimeter System, pest managers have a plastic sheet material that, along with the Greenzone foam products, allows pest managers to tackle almost any precon situation. With the flexibility in use and speed of application of the Greenzone range, not only does the reduction in labour costs increase profitability and allow more jobs to be completed per day, but it provides pest managers with the ability to solve problems caused by the builders and other trades, winning jobs and keeping customers happy!

To become accredited, pest managers need to register and complete an online training course to ensure they know how to correctly apply the Greenzone products and also access the $2 million timber protection warranty. So whether you’re established in the market or looking to enter pre-construction, with Greenzone you can rise to the challenge and develop a profitable precon business.

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