TERM-seal’s director of R&D, Phil Hannay, explains why TERM-seal’s Multi-Purpose Active continues to provide outstanding performance in pre-construction jobs. 

When it comes to pre-construction termite protection, innovation is key. TERM-seal‘s products provide a range of solutions for every kind of pre-construction requirement to form physical termite barriers, with the added value of waterproofing and damp coursing. TERM-seal Multi- Purpose Active coating highlights this innovation.

Multi-Purpose Active is a highly engineered, acrylic polymer-based coating, which upon curing, forms a seamless, flexible, termite-resistant and waterproof membrane (being applied in main picture, above). It was developed step by step to ensure it delivered full adhesion to its intended substrate, termite resistance (kill and repel), ease of application and durability – a product that would last the life of a building.

Our initial thoughts were to develop a compound that would remain on a concrete, brick or block substrate for an extended period. During the early phase of development we particularly noted that the compound was flexible enough, but also hard enough to provide long term durability, whilst demonstrating waterproof qualities.

The CSIRO was asked to examine Multi-Purpose Active’s properties with regard to AS/NZS 437.1 (Damp Coursing) and AS3740-2004, AS/NZS 4858-2004 (Waterproofing).

Tests were designed to see if the Multi-Purpose Active would pull away from the substrate and whether any coatings that were adhered to the Multi-Purpose Active would also remain stable.

The result was that Multi-Purpose Active was found to be a true and flexible compound that was waterproof when applied to concrete, masonry, AAC panel blocks and fibreboard.

In fact, test results exceeded all requirements and Multi- Purpose Active was approved as a class two waterproof compound. Unlike other waterproofing compounds, that must be soft and be used with “bond breaker” tapes to allow the waterproof barrier to separate from the substrate to allow for building movement, the TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active compound was found to hold firm and to provide the essential qualities that are required to form a continuous termite and waterproof barrier to a building.

To enhance the adhesion qualities of the compound, further development was then carried out. The cured compound was tested to ensure any material that was applied over it, such as paint or render-coat, would adhere to it. This work was carried out with the addition of a special ingredient to give the cured compound its ‘sandpaper feel’, and it is this property that makes the bond of texture coats, render coats and paints so stable.

Another feature that was added was an improvement to the Prime-Coat (which must be applied prior to application of the Multi-Purpose Active coating). Whereas this small change is not noticeable by looking at the product, the change in formula increases the depth of penetration of the substrate that it and the Multi-Purpose Active are applied to.

Another important aspect of the TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active system is the inclusion of the fibrous Reo-band into the uncured mix. This is essential to assist with normal building loads across cracks, gaps, fissures and particularly joints. It is poor engineering practice if not used and the barrier will fail over time.

To determine just how good Multi-purpose active was, with and without Reo-band over joints, we conducted engineering tests to the AS3894.9 standard through a specialist testing authority in Adelaide.

The results were outstanding. None of the test samples of the TERM-seal Multi-Purpose or TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active with Reo-band failed. The substrate separated below the Multi-Purpose on all 16 tests. When testing the coatings, one of the render-coats separated within itself and did not separate from the TERM-seal Multi-Purpose or TERM-seal Reo-band. These results are not surprising, however they do demonstrate just how good the products are.

During the last 13 years TERM-seal has strived to bring new technologies to the market. Multi-Purpose Active is a great example of TERM-seal’s ongoing product innovation and determination to add value to our industry.

Phil Hannay, Director of Research and Development, TERM-seal

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