Termite managers looking for a pesticide-free barrier system can now install the Novithor system while offering the additional benefit of waterproofing, too. 

The Novithor Pesticide-free Termite Protection System from Ensystex is positioned to become increasingly popular with pest managers now that its CodeMark Certificate of Conformity has been extended. It now includes compliance with Australian Standard AS 2433 and clause FP1.5 of the Building Code of Australia for Waterproofing and Rising Damp.

This follows NATA-standard testing by CSIRO Manufacturing and Materials Science, and Newcastle University’s Department of Civil, Surveying and Environmental Engineering.

The CodeMark program is managed by the Australian Building Codes Board and confirms compliance with the Australian Construction Code and the Building Code of Australia. It provides certainty to regulatory authorities, and legislation requires all building control authorities to accept CodeMark-certified products when certifying new buildings. For professional pest managers this means a building surveyor must approve a building if Novithor has been installed according to the Ensystex technical manual.

The Novithor system comprises four products: a flexi-gel, a resin and a cementitious parge, which together with a wide range of aluminium collars for pipe protection, provides an easy termite-proofing solution for any type of building. Novithor works by creating an impenetrable physical barrier to prevent the ingress of subterranean termites and moisture. Since Novithor is pesticide-free, it is an appropriate choice for use in ‘green’ buildings, the largest growth segment in the building industry.

Steve Broadbent, regional director of Ensystex, said, “Novithor can be applied like a paint, or even sprayed onto retaining walls (main picture, above), in any situation where a pest manager wants to o er both termite protection to AS 3660 together with waterproofing. This double bene t to builders is proving very popular as it means the builder only needs one tradesman, and the pest manager picks up the extra income.

“Novithor gives pest managers flexibility with regards to scheduling the termite-proofing work, as unlike most other systems, Novithor is usually applied after the structural perimeter elements are in place.”

Novithor Termite Proof Flexi-Gel is a high-performance, neutral cure, silicone sealant and adhesive. It is used for termite-proofing construction joints and saw cuts in slabs; control joints in brickwork or block work; tilt slab panels and even securing tilt panels; as well as filling construction and expansion joints or crevices in slabs. Available in light and dark grey, the powerful sealant can be used with aluminium, zincalume, galvanised metal, PVC, concrete, masonry and stainless steel.

Novithor Flexi-Gel protecting an expansion joint

Mr Broadbent added, “It inhibits mould and mildew growth making it multipurpose for pest-proofing in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and even joining ant-caps, thus avoiding the need to solder.”

Novithor Termite Proofing Resin is a liquid product containing a specially formulated blend of resins that penetrate the building substrate. It is applied to mortar joints and rendered masonry surfaces via a low-pressure spray.

“The liquid carries the resins deep into the substrate, typically penetrating 20mm or deeper,” added Mr Broadbent. “The solvent then evaporates, leaving the resins invisibly embedded in the substrate where they solidify to form a granite-like barrier that termites simply cannot chew through.”

Novithor Termite Proof Cementitious Parge is a resinous cement mortar that fills cracks and crevices that termites may exploit to enter a property. It protects masonry retaining walls, repairs honeycombing and damaged concrete slabs, and protects pipe penetrations. Traditional-style aluminium collars are also available, in a range of sizes, to slip over the pipes and seal in place.

Ensystex provides comprehensive training on how Novithor should be applied to provide compliant termite protection and waterproofing, with Novithor installation licences still available to interested pest managers.

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