Greenzone announces the launch of a brand new product for the Australian market in the form of its Greenzone Sock Termite Barrier.


On the back of the success of the Greenzone Termite and Insect Barrier, Greenzone has announced the upcoming release of its new Greenzone Sock Termite Barrier to the pre-construction market.

The Greenzone Sock Termite Barrier is set to release in early 2019 and will position itself alongside collar solutions as a viable option to protect penetrations and the like from termite ingress.

Just like the original Greenzone Termite and Insect Barrier, the Greenzone Sock combines a compressible foam substrate with bifenthrin – a commonly used termiticide – resulting in a single product that acts both as a termite barrier and protects the penetrations from movement in the slab, replacing the need for plumbers lagging or expansion foam. Indeed, the Greenzone Sock is the only collar on the market that protects the service penetrations from concrete expansion.

The Greenzone Sock is suitable for use on all types of construction, be it residential, commercial or industrial. It is applied to service penetrations either prior to formwork being laid or afterwards, providing a greater window of opportunity to install the product as opposed to other options that are on the market.

With its slide-on application and snug-fit design, the sock can be installed over glued caps, unlike standard rigid collars. The Greenzone Sock is harder for builders to shift or move and doesn’t require any fixing materials such as cable ties or adhesive sealants to hold it in place, making it quicker and simpler to fit than a standard flexi-collar.


A prototype of the new product


Founder of Greenzone, Paul Commerford, is thrilled with the upcoming release of Greenzone’s second pre-construction termite barrier product.

“When we first launched Greenzone we really wanted to focus on the consumers – pest managers – and listen to what they thought would help make their jobs easier,” Mr Commerford said. “We’ve listened and strongly believe this product is positioned to do exactly that; easy to install and with an attractive price point, it should serve the market well and we welcome any feedback not just for this product but for any future products down the track.”

Shannon Grohs, owner of Gippsland Pest Management, VIC, is equally excited for the launch of the product. “Greenzone’s products have really revolutionised our pre-construction offering. We can’t wait for the release of the new Greenzone Sock as it will streamline our processes
on site and minimise storage issues, not to mention saving us time due to ease of install,” he said.

The Greenzone Sock Termite Barrier meets all Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements as a pre-construction termite management system and is APVMA approved.

The product will initially be available to suit 100mm and 50mm penetrations with additional sizes to be released upon further market review. The product will be 150mm high x 10mm thick with the foam characterises to match that of the original Greenzone Termite and Insect Barrier.

As Greenzone products are chemically impregnated termite barriers, they need to be installed by an accredited pest manager who holds a valid pest control license in the state in which they operate. With over 350 accredited installers Australia-wide, Greenzone is fast becoming a preferred product for many applications across the pre-construction industry.

Any pest manger who is interested in becoming an accredited installer can visit the Greenzone website and follow the simple steps to complete their accreditation. Once accredited, pest managers can purchase Greenzone products from Agserv, Garrards and Globe.

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