Pest managers looking to expand their offering have the opportunity to train as accredited Greenzone installers. 

Quickly becoming established as a termite and insect barrier solution for builders, construction professionals and pest managers around Australia, Greenzone is now accepting accreditation applications from licensed pest managers and installers looking to enhance their businesses and embrace new technology.

Nearly 50 licensed pest managers and businesses have completed the online training to become accredited Greenzone installers since the launch of the product in August this year.

Greenzone is an innovative integration of a compressible foam substrate with bifenthrin, a pyrethroid insecticide and termiticide, resulting in one product with three functions: as a termite barrier, an insect barrier and an expansion joint foam.

Expansion joint foam is essential in any form of concrete construction as it allows slabs to expand and contract without cracking. Greenzone Termite & Insect Barrier can be applied to all elements of construction that also require a termite barrier in order to comply with Australian Standard AS3660-2000 Termite Management, Parts 1 and 3.

Greenzone has been designed with cost efficiency, waste reduction and smarter project scheduling in mind and is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

How do you become an accredited installer?

The Greenzone accreditation course is open to all licensed Australian pest managers and involves four simple steps:

Step 1. Online form
Fill out the online form on the Greenzone Barrier website. This verifies that you or your business holds a pest management license that permits an operator to work with pesticides formulated for the control of pest animals in a commercial or domestic capacity.

Step 2. Training manuals

Once the pest management license number is verified, Greenzone support will email through the comprehensive installation manual, including training modules.

Step 3. Knowledge test

After studying the provided material, applicants will be required to answer a simple, open book questionnaire to ensure that both the safety and installation procedures of Greenzone are understood. This test can be taken as many times as required.

Step 4. Certification

Upon successful completion of the test, pest managers and installers will receive a certificate with accreditation details, which means they are free to purchase the product and offer Greenzone as part of their business services.

Dave Bregazzi (pictured) and Brett Bowey, a non-executive director of Greenzone and the general manager of Termite Solutions in Victoria, found the Greenzone accreditation training to be thorough and straightforward.

“The Greenzone manual and corresponding training materials are a good, succinct read,” said Mr Bowey. “A licensed pest manager will find the material simple to follow – logical and full of diagrams, plans and clear direction – not just a complex document full of jargon and technical terms.”

Purchasing Greenzone once you’re accredited

Greenzone is currently available via distributors Agserv, Garrards and Globe. The product is available in 25-metre rolls (10mm thick and 100mm wide) available for purchase in packs of 2 x 25-metre rolls.

The Greenzone $2 million warranty

A $2 million warranty is applied to the installation and functionality of Greenzone if fitted by an accredited Greenzone installer. Only a pest manager who has completed the Greenzone training and holds a Greenzone accreditation license number can offer the security that comes with this warranty.

Support on the road

The Greenzone support office is based in southeast Melbourne and is managed by a dedicated team of technical officers on standby to answer any installer queries and provide advice or assistance to installers and pest professionals if required.

Mr Bowey added, “We have installed Greenzone in a number of residential and commercial projects and have successfully managed complex penetrations and construction joins on site.

“It’s a quality product – flexible, easy to install and customisable, which is exactly what you’re looking for in a pre-construction termite and insect repellent barrier. Greenzone is set to make a significant contribution to the Australian construction industry.”

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