Greenzone Termite and Insect Barrier can be applied at various stages of the construction process, allowing for plenty of flexibility on the job.

Typically, when it comes to pre-construction termite barriers, pest managers have to coordinate with construction managers and project managers and get on site at a very specific time.

It is a small window and there’s plenty of room for error – projects can run over time, bad weather can cause delays and efficient trade management can become a nightmare, particularly if there is more than one job on the go. However, the Greenzone Termite and Insect Repellent Barrier provides flexibility in installation, giving benefits to pest managers and builders alike.

Flexible installation

In a first for the building and pest control industry, Greenzone has developed a termite and insect repellent barrier that can be installed at two distinct points during construction: either before the formwork is installed, as soon as the pipe penetrations are in the ground; or after the steel formwork is installed, right before the concrete is poured. The point at which the termite and insect barrier is installed is completely up to the builder or project manager.

In using Greenzone there is no need to wait for the concreter to finish the slab setup, because Greenzone can be installed as soon as the pipes are in the ground. Similarly there’s no need for the concreter to wait around for the pest manager to install a barrier, ensuring the program remains on track.

This efficiency is good news on individual jobs but provides even greater benefits when working for builder who has multiple sites in one area. The flexibility in application of Greenzone allows a Greenzone installer to do all the jobs at once, even if they aren’t quite all at the same stage of build.

As Greenzone is both a termite barrier and acts as an expansion joint or control joint, it reduces the two-step (in some cases multi-step) process required to install termite barriers around pipe penetrations and in control/expansion joints to a one step process, requiring only one trade.

Giving builders and project managers flexibility in planning and increased efficiency are benefits which can win Greenzone installers more jobs.

Three products in one

Greenzone has three functions: it acts as a termite barrier, an insect barrier and an expansion joint foam, making it three products in one. As it is a self-adhesive product that wraps around pipes and edges and sticks in place, it is easy to install and requires no tools, as there is no need to remove (cut off) caps on plumbing pipes. No clips, clamps or ties are required to attach Greenzone to penetrations, and there is no need for concrete nails.

It protects against termite and insect entry around service penetrations and in control joints in concrete slabs for 50 years (terms and conditions apply) and is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Accreditation and warranty

Greenzone is APVMA approved and is an Australian-owned and operated company. A two-million-dollar warranty is applied to the functionality and performance of Greenzone as a termite and insect barrier if installed by an accredited Greenzone installer. Only a pest manager who has completed the training and holds a Greenzone accreditation licence number can offer the security that comes with this warranty.

Nearly 100 licensed pest controllers and businesses have completed the online training to become accredited Greenzone installers since the launch of the product in August 2017. The accreditation course is open to all licensed Australian pest controllers and involves four simple steps: apply online on the Greenzone website, receive the electronic training manuals, correctly complete the questionnaire, then receive a certificate of accreditation. The test can be taken as many times as required and once successfully completed, pest managers can use their certificate of accreditation to purchase the product. They can then offer Greenzone as part of their business services, giving them a significant edge over their competitors.

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