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A long-time player in the market, the Camilleri Underslab Injection System is a sound choice for pest managers opting for a reticulation system for their client.

The Camilleri Underslab Injection System was the first of its kind in Australia. The System is CodeMark approved for both pre and post construction uses, satisfies National Construction Code requirements and ensures you will remain compliant.

It is important to remember that from 1 May 2017, builders and installers can only reference AS3660.1:2014 to achieve BCA compliance. Australian Standard 3660.1-2014 dictates that:

“Reticulation will need to be provided to reapply chemical where there is no access for reapplication to provide an even and continuous distribution of chemical into the soil.”

Accordingly, any areas under floors and around buildings where the soil is not exposed to be sprayed, will now require a reticulation system to be installed.

The Camilleri System offers proven performance for both underslab and perimeter installations and has been providing home owners with protection against subterranean termite infestations for over 30 years.

Specifically designed for its purpose and constructed of strong flexible polyethylene, Camilleri Distribution Pipe is corrosion resistant, unaffected by ground movement and will easily withstand high pressure applications. Easy to install and maintain, termiticide is easily pumped through the system at high pressure and can be done so year after year, ensuring ongoing protection for your clients.

Under-slab installation prior to slab being poured

Camilleri Underslab provides training and ongoing support to its accredited installers and their friendly team are always available if assistance is required. Brochures and documentation are also available to assist when consulting with builders and homeowners.

For Vicki Camilleri, manager at Camilleri Underslab, a Camilleri system is the obvious choice. “Don’t get left behind; with its ease of installation, cost efficiency and proven performance record, why would you choose anything else? Contact us to discuss becoming an accredited Camilleri Technician and join a strong team with a proven track record.”