Syngenta’s Peter Ambrose-Pearce explains why Altriset Termiticide can be a good fit for customers looking for a safe and effective termite control solution.

If you are looking to increase your revenue you could change what you charge, reduce what you spend or better still win more business. A real way to win more business is to improve your offer and more importantly personalise what you offer. Both of these steps add real value. If you can identify what your customer is looking for in their termite control, you can tailor your offer to suit their needs.

When selling termite treatments to active sites, the pest management professional that most meets the wants and needs of the customer will invariably win the job. The only way to personalise a service is to ask questions and really listen to what the customer is saying. By ‘replaying’ their comments to them you will connect with the customer and by tailoring your recommendations to their needs you will have a great chance of winning the business.

By personalising the service you are making the offer about what the customer wants and not about what you want to sell. This approach not only gains the customer’s confidence but it also reduces the opportunity for the customer to negotiate around price and price only.

With a number of unique features, Altriset Termiticide provides solutions to many of the concerns raised by customers, providing that excellent opportunity to personalise your offer and clinch the deal.

“How quickly will the product work?” Altriset kills 100% of directly or indirectly exposed termites in 14 days.

“Will the termites continue to eat my home after the treatment?” Altriset will stop termites feeding on properties within hours. Within 2-4 hours, their jaws become paralysed and they stop feeding meaning there is no further damage to the home.

“How long does the treatment last? Will the termites come back?” Altriset has years of evidence supporting its longevity, with APVMA approval for seven years, south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

“Is it safe to use around my children and pets?” The fact that Altriset is exempt from poison scheduling makes it a great option for families and pet owners. As PPE is not required during an Altriset application it reinforces to the customer that the product has a great safety profile, providing the homeowner with the peace of mind that there isn’t any risk to family and pets.

“Is it environmentally friendly?” The Altriset mode of action means it does not work on many adult insects (termites excepted!). For those concerned about honeybees this can be very reassuring.

Establishing customer needs and wants and proposing a treatment option to match will win more business than not and by creating value, you will differentiate yourself from your competitors and avoid fighting on price. When you do win the job, make sure you deliver on your promises, not only in what you do but how you do it. By listening and delivering you will create loyal customers, leading to more referrals and more business.

Peter Ambrose-Pearce, Technical Sales Manager, Syngenta Professional Pest Management

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