Magnathor magnetic powder can now be used to tackle termites as well as cockroaches.

The innovation team at Ensystex are continuing their magnetic revolution with Magnathor Magnetic Insecticide Powder now approved for the elimination of termites from homes, commercial buildings, trees, stumps, power poles, wall cavities and more.

Ensystex regional director, Steve Broadbent said, “Magnathor Magnetic has been registered for the control of all subterranean termite species, with the fast elimination of infestations typically occurring within two to four weeks.

“We have, ever since the launch of Magnathor Magnetic, had professional pest managers evaluating its use for termites; and the feedback has been exceptionally positive. So it really is great to be able to bring a more effective termite powder treatment to the market.

“For termite nests in sites that can be accessed such as trees, stumps, posts and wall cavities, Magnathor Magnetic is applied directly into holes drilled into the nest. Then you simply monitor weekly and… watch the termites disappear!

“When the nest can’t be located, Magnathor Magnetic is used to treat as many termites as possible, whilst avoiding damage to shelter tubes connected to exterior nests. If workings cannot be treated directly, then Magnathor Magnetic can be applied carefully to shelter tubes. And again, you simply monitor, and watch the termites disappear!

“On completion it is strongly recommended that an Exterra Termite Colony Interception System is installed, or alternatively, an Ultrathor Termite Defence Zone is applied, to provide ongoing protection.”

Mr Broadbent explained the technology behind the product. “Magthanite, the patented magnetic attraction powder used in Magnathor Magnetic ensures its unique performance.

“Termites and other social insects have been shown to use the earth’s magnetic field to help them to orientate and navigate whilst foraging, migrating and building their nests. This appears to be linked to the presence of particles of magnetite in their bodies.

“Several peer-reviewed, published studies have shown that the attraction between our Magthanite carrier, and the insect cuticle leads to greatly enhanced particle pick-up. This is why Magnathor Magnetic delivers superior results in the two most critical areas of adhesion and transferability.1

“The magnetic powder used in Magnathor Magnetic is a non-hazardous oxide powder consisting of a patented blend of strontium ferrite, iron oxide, silicon dioxide, aluminium oxide, zinc oxide, and calcium oxide. Whilst Magnathor Magnetic contains 0.5 g/kg fipronil, its low toxic profile is reflected in it being exempt from poison scheduling.

Accuthor Powder Applicator for Magnathor

“Magnathor Magnetic activates our unique ‘Magnetic Multiple Cascade Transfer Effect’ when applied to termite workings. This is a three-level mortality transfer chain.

“The ‘Active Primary Kill’ arises when Magnathor Magnetic is directly applied to termites. The termites can’t avoid Magnathor Magnetic which adheres strongly to their cuticle, with the fipronil passing through the soft membranes of the termites exoskeletons to ensure their demise, but not before they spread the deadly fipronil to other colony members!

“The ‘Passive Primary Kill’ occurs when termites later enter any treated galleries. Unlike with any other product on the market, a termite only has to come near the fine deposits of Magnathor Magnetic for the law of magnetic attraction to take over and draw the particles to the termites.

“Finally there is ‘Magnetic Transfer Kill’ where the Magnathor Magnetic transfers from one termite to the next. A termite simply has to move into close proximity to an infected termite for the transfer to occur.”

Mr Broadbent concluded by confirming, “Magnathor Magnetic contains Ensystex fipronil, (which is protected by ten different patents), for better results due to its non-repellency.

Magnathor Magnetic is also registered for the control of cockroaches and ants as a dry, flowable powder bait due to it also containing 5 g/kg of a desirable blend of food attractants that lure the foraging ants

and cockroaches to the ‘Magnathor Kill Zone’. As they approach the kill zone, they again literally act like a magnet to draw the Magnathor Magnetic particles to their exoskeletons, resulting in their death.”

1 Entwistle, J. 2011. Magnetic insect control – a novel application for specialist magnetic powders. International Pest Control, 53:1. O’Halloran, C and R Fryatt. 2011. Use of Magnetic Carrier to Improve Delivery of Active Ingredients for Urban Pest Control. In: Robinson W.H. and A. Eugênia de Carvalho Campos, eds., Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Urban Pests.

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