Magnathor Magnetic bait is now registered for use against another key pest.

Magnathor Magnetic Insecticide was recently approved by the APVMA for the fast elimination of termites out of homes, commercial buildings, trees, stumps, power poles, wall cavities and more.

Magnathor Magnetic uses a totally innovative concept to give improved results – uniquely, it employs the power of paramagnetism, the weak magnetic attraction shown by most elements and some compounds in the presence of a magnetic field.

Numerous experiments have shown that there is a clear attraction between the ferromagnetic particles of Magnathor Magnetic and termites. Magnathor Magnetic is a dry, flowable powder that is applied directly onto termites or into their active workings, bivouacs or colonies. As they approach the product, the termites literally act like a magnet and draw the Magnathor Magnetic particles towards their exoskeletons. The powder is then spread through the entire colony by a unique Magnetic Multiple Cascade Transfer Effect, a three-level mortality transfer chain.

Accuthor Precision Blower
Accuthor Precision Blower for Magnathor

The unique magnetic properties of Magnathor Magnetic ensure superior adhesion and transferability – vital properties for a high performing termite dust. The produdct then enters the termites’ bodies through the soft membranes in the exoskeleton to deliver rapid control of active termite infestations.

Magnathor Magnetic can be applied just about anywhere termites exist, especially when there is need to get rid of them quickly, either indoors or outside. For termite nests in trees, stumps, posts, fences, landscaping timbers, wharves, bridges, mounds and wall cavities, simply drill several holes into the nest and apply using the Accuthor Precision Blower available exclusively from Ensystex. Monitor at weekly intervals and watch the termites disappear!

Termites generate a weak magnetic field

When the nest can’t be located in a building, you need to treat as many termites as possible. Treat continuous infestations at approximately one metre intervals by drilling small entry points into the workings and using the fine tip of the Accuthor Precision Blower.

It’s important that pest managers concentrate their treatment on infested timbers and wall cavities, and avoid damaging shelter tubes. If workings can’t be treated directly, only then should you consider applying carefully to shelter tubes.

On elimination of active termites in a structure, it is strongly recommended that ongoing protection is provided by installing an Exterra Termite Colony Interception System or by applying an Ultrathor Termite Defence Zone.

The magnetic powder used in Magnathor Magnetic is a non-hazardous oxide powder consisting of a patented blend of strontium ferrite, iron oxide, silicon dioxide, aluminium oxide, zinc oxide, and calcium oxide. Magnathor Magnetic contains 0.5 g/kg fipronil, and its low toxic profile is reflected in it being exempt from poison scheduling.

Magnathor Magnetic contains Ensystex Fipronil, which is protected by ten different patents, giving better results due to its non-repellency.

Steve Broadbent, Regional Director, Ensystex