Pest manager Steve Annells tries BASF’s Termidor Dry – with positive results. 

Termidor Dry, the recently launched termiticide dust from BASF, took Dun-rite Termite and Pest Control in southeast Queensland by surprise. When owner Steve Annells discovered the next generation Termidor dust, he remarked, “I didn’t realise there was anything wrong with the old one!” But having since used Termidor Dry on several termite jobs, he now appreciates the benefits of this advanced dust formulation.

Termidor Dry is formulated with the BASF patented ‘Microllose’ carrier. One of its key benefits is that it is less hydrophilic (water attracting) than other carriers, which allows new Termidor Dry to be used in damper conditions without blocking the duster nozzle.

“We certainly noticed the improved flowability when treating damp termite leads. We could puff away at one entry point and could clearly see dust through the next application hole some 40-50cm away,” commented Mr Annells. “This will allow better application in a wider range of situations.”

The second key benefit of the ‘Microllose’ carrier is that it is highly palatable, often preferred to timber as a food source. According to BASF, not only does the dust attach to the cuticle of the termite, it is actually ingested, magnifying the Termidor ‘Transfer effect’.

“We certainly know we get a great ‘Transfer effect’, even though it is hard to confirm colony control in many situations. Typically we don’t treat every area of termite activity, especially with ‘Schedos’, as the disturbance from the treatment itself can sometimes frighten the termites from an area.

“For example, if we have five feeding sites, we might treat three of them, leaving the other two as control points. These control points are the first ones we inspect when we return. If the termites are gone from these areas, it is likely due to the ‘Transfer effect’, giving confidence that the absence of termites in treated areas is likely related to the treatment rather than disturbance.”

“At the end of the day, although there was nothing particularly wrong with the original Termidor dust, the new version is just better. We also found with the new product you can use less to get a better result.”

Mr Annells recalled a recent Schedorhinotermes infestation at a commercial account, where the only available lead was running up a concrete wall and was difficult to access. “We peeled back some nearby vinyl flooring to find some activity and managed to dust 50-60 termites. Ideally you would like more, but that was all we had to deal with. Nevertheless, 21 days later we returned to find mouldy carcasses and no active termites. Definitely one of the best results we have had.”

Dun-rite Termite and Pest Control have been around for 22 years and have built their reputation on being termite experts using the latest technology and products. “For us Termidor Dry is simply the best option for eradicating termites from a structure. Generally, customers don’t have the patience to wait for a bait to work and with Termidor Dry delivering results in 14-21 days we can offer fast results with confidence.”

Dun-rite generally follow up a Termidor Dry application with a Termidor soil treatment. “We don’t use generics, the quality of Termidor is there to see – no blockage of the filters and a great plume in the water – with great distribution in the tank you know you will get excellent distribution in the soil.”

As for the homeowners? “They are always happy, after all, we use Termidor and the treatments are Dun-rite.”

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