Considering the wide range of termite control options available, pest managers can achieve excellent results by using more than one product for the job, advises Dick Murray of PCT International. 

It is important to recognise that there is no ‘silver bullet’ for termite management – every termite job is different and no single approach is suitable as a system for all situations. You need to be able to implement your own treatment approach to design the best termite management system for your customers and your company.

When considering your recommended treatment, it is important that your approach integrates a number of decision factors which means you consider building construction details, soil type, termite risk and any conducive conditions that cannot be remedied. It could include the option of a standalone treatment approach or potentially utilising a combination of termite baiting and chemical barrier treatment as your termite management system.

The Nemesis Termite Bait System is a wholly Australian-owned and manufactured system, and has become widely established in Australia and overseas. It has been designed as a professional termite colony elimination control product, providing a safe, non-invasive solution to your customer’s concerns.

PCT’s Terminade residual termiticide provides excellent value with a 100 g/L fipronil proprietary formulation manufactured in Australia, which has been tested in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements.

Nemesis can be utilised as a standalone termite management system, especially on sites where a liquid termiticide is not practical. However, it can also be used as monitoring system in conjunction with a Terminade-based chemical soil barrier treatment. The non-repellent nature of Terminade means it is an ideal partner to baiting systems.

Nemesis above-ground bait station in action

A supplementary Nemesis station installation will give you added peace of mind by providing you with an extra layer of monitoring after a Terminade application. The stations can be monitored to provide an unobtrusive early-warning of termites. A Nemesis installation is invaluable in those situations where a full Terminade barrier is not possible or desirable, for example properties with a zero lot boundary line, proximity to waterways, or your preference. So rather than having an incomplete barrier, Nemesis gives you peace of mind no matter how challenging the situation.

Don’t forget to issue a Certificate of Installation after installation of the termite management system. A durable notice should be securely fixed to the building advising the termite management system used and advising inspection and maintenance requirements.

PCT is an Australian-owned company dedicated to providing a range of high quality Australian made products for the professional pest manager. Our focus is on the design, manufacture, and distribution of innovative and environmentally responsible products.

Dick Murray, Manager Research & Development, PCT International

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