Pest managers are invited to provide feedback on the new Australian Standard for termite control. 

Standards Australia are continuing the review of the standards in relation to termite control. Australian Standards 3660.1 and 3660.3 have been finalised and are in the market place, and should be reviewed by all companies, with work practices changed if required, as the transition period finishes in May 2017.

Australian Standard 3660.2 (Termite management – In and around existing buildings and structures – Guidelines) has been reviewed and is now available for public comment. The public comment period is the ideal time to raise any problems or concerns with the proposed new standard, as once public comment is closed, any further comments cannot be reviewed.

To make the best use of this stage of the review and to make your comments count, provide your feedback via the public portal on the Standards Australia website. If you don’t like the wording, phrasing, or intent of a clause, you need to be specific and provide details. State your reason or objection, and then suggest a change or rewording, which ultimately makes it clearer to the working party of the circumstances. The public comment period will close at 23:59 on 24 January 2017.

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