Termite and Pest Inspections

Termite inspections and pre-purchase pest inspections are two different types of inspection…

Termite Inspections

Professional termite inspections are carried out for property owners to check their property for termite activity, termite damage and conditions that may make their home more likely to come under termite attack.

Pest managers use a range of termite inspection equipment to help with their termite inspection. Some even use a termite detection dog. However, it is the skill and experience of the pest manager that will ensure that you receive a comprehensive pest inspection, so make sure you choose a termite inspector you can  (A thermal inspection camera doesn’t make a poor termite inspector a good termite inspector).

It is important to remember that a professional termite inspection which will take 1.5-2 hours for a standard 4 bedroom house, is not the same as a free “termite check”. Don’t think a termite check is providing you with the confidence that your home is termite free and the property without issues. If something is amiss, you will not be protected by professional liability insurance.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

Pre-purchase pest inspections are professional inspections carried out on buildings that are being sold, primarily by the buyer. These inspections report on termites, borers and wood decay – whether they are present, if there is any damage or whether there are any conditions present that may make an attack by one of these timber pests more likely.

These inspections need to have an agreement signs prior to the inspection being carried out to make sure the customer understands what’s involved and the limitations. As you can image the liability issues can be significant if mistakes are made during the inspection, so the insurance companies require the pest managers to get customer to sign a pre-inspection agreement before carrying out the inspection.

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