Sniffing Out Termites

Termite detection dogs are a valuable asset to any pest management team, believes Shane Clarke of Pestforce. 

Whilst termite detection technology has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years, including thermal cameras and motion detectors, the technology is still reliant on the operator. The equipment has to be used at the right time, in the right place with the right skill and then the results need to be interpreted correctly. But where equipment (or more often operator) fails, termite detection dogs succeed.

Shane Clarke from Pestforce breeds and trains termite detection dogs, in conjunction with Steve Austin, Australia’s leading search dog expert.

“I’ve used all the key termite detection technology on the market and whilst I like to think I’m pretty handy with this equipment, my dogs still find termite activity I have missed, on a regular basis,” said Mr Clarke.

“We now have an ever-improving breeding program for termite detection dogs and our training methods are continuing to advance. The scope of the training is carried out to order – is the dog going to be used for subterranean termites only, or will it be used for drywood termites or even bed bug detection?

“The dogs can be trained to detect a variety of different stimuli and of course the dog’s nose is incredible sensitive. Recently one of our dogs detected termite damage at a property we had recorded some 15 years earlier – there must have been enough residual ‘termite odour’ for the dogs to detect.”

For those interested in going to the next level with their termite services, the use of a termite detection dog needs some careful consideration. Not only is there the expense in the purchase and training, owning a dog is obviously a long-term commitment.

“Although they are working dogs, they can still be part of the family – a family pet. Very rewarding for business and family life.”

For more information on termite detection dogs contact Shane Clarke at Pestforce.

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