Flat Grain Beetle (Cryptolestes spp.)

Flat grain beetle

There are a number of flat grain beetle species in this genus which can only be separately identified through genital dissection.

Found across Australia and worldwide


The larvae are white, elongated, up to 4.0 mm long and have small “horns” at the end of the abdomen.


Small, flat, fast-moving, reddish brown beetle. It is only 2.0 mm long with long antennae. Their size and speed of movement almost make them “ant-like” in their appearance.


Female beetles lays 300 eggs over their lifetime.

The life-cycle is completed in around 4 weeks.

Adults live for several months.

Feed on a wide range of stored grain. Does not attack intact grain but targets weather-damaged and grains with a high moisture content.

Only the larvae feed and cause damage.

Adults are small and fast moving – “ant-like”.

Adult beetles readily fly.

  • Check all incoming food materials
  • Place all opened food stuffs in sealed plastic containers
  • Clear up any food spills

Monitoring and treatment notes:

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