Pest managers Paul and Kylee Enwright combined a recent trip to the UK with the opportunity to learn more about the industry from their British counterparts.

Paul and Kylee Enwright, owners of CPR Pest Management Services in the Hunter Valley, NSW, believe travel is an investment in their wellbeing and their business. Not only do they find travelling an integral part of their relaxation time, breaking away from the daily routine of the business, they have also found it has an important part to play in keeping their business ahead of their competition. Travel has opened up opportunities for them to network, and gain knowledge and experience, particularly about the cultural influences and different approaches to pest control around the world.

During March 2022, Mr and Ms Enwright travelled to London and whilst there attended the UK’s biggest trade show and conference for pest management, PestEx 2022, held by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). The trade show and conference was held over two days and was attended by over a thousand visitors.

Participating in the event were companies such as Bayer, BASF, Bell Laboratories, Defender Bird Spikes, Panko Monitoring Traps, and Syngenta to name a few.


Bell Labs showcased its new rodent tracking technology at the UK conference


“It was very exciting to attend seminars and technical programs presented by industry experts,” said Ms Enwright. “An amazing number of products and technologies were new to the market, with great exhibitor stands. There were many with ‘hands on’ activities to satisfy the more curious attendees, too. It all culminated in a really impressive event.”


Meeting the team from the British Pest Control Association


Mr and Ms Enwright were fortunate to meet Ian Andrew, chief executive of the BPCA and Natalie Bungay, technical and compliance manager. Several committee members were available to have a chat. “All were very welcoming and were keen to engage in conversations around happenings in pest control in Australia,” commented Ms Enwright.


Kylee Enwright met with Ian Andrew, chief executive of the British Pest Control Association, while at PestEx 2022


Moving on from PestEx 2022, Mr and Ms Enwright reached out to other pest control companies operating in the area – something they do on all of their overseas trips.

On this occasion they were fortunate to meet Vicki Sims (main picture above, left) from Lady Bug Pest Control in Croydon. Ms Sims and her team cover London and the southeast, serving both domestic and commercial clients. Mr and Ms Enwright were invited to spend the day on the road with Ms Sims, attending her customer sites.

“Learning how rodent services are performed in the UK has made us consider possibly tweaking some of our services in the future,” commented Mr Enwright. “We were particularly interested in how Vicki dealt with Norway rats, which are a big problem in the UK.

“Vicki did a drain survey using a camera designed for sewage inspection – an effective tool to address rat infestations in difficult to access areas. The downside of this inspection was that you had to get up close, and unfortunately there was nothing available to mask the stench during this service!”

Incorporating these kinds of learning opportunities into their travel plans has always been important for Mr and Ms Enwright.


Undertaking a drain survey in London


“We are all guilty of getting too comfortable with the way in which we do things,” said Mr Enwright. “It has been exciting to meet new people and learn different ways of working. It has helped to ensure we are providing the best service possible and helps us to remain the best choice on the market for pest control in our area.”

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