Bell Labs’ range of rodent bait stations offers pest managers time savings when it comes to bait loading and inspection.

Knowing that pest managers’ time is money, Bell developed its Evo line of rodent bait stations with time savings in mind. With Bell’s Protecta Evo Ambush, pest managers will spend significantly less time setting up an account and servicing bait stations.

Quick servicing is possible due to the single-locking mechanism and removable tray with rounded corners, which allows the four vertical bait positions (that accommodate four 28g blocks) to be refilled quickly and securely. The locking rods do their job in keeping the bait in place during use and won’t fall out during cleaning!

Protecta Evo Ambush is a low-profile bait station that is perfectly suited for tight baiting situations, as it sits near to the ground, setting rodents up for a surprise attack. Whether baiting or trapping, the Evo Ambush offers multiple options. Despite its low profile, the bait station still allows room for the Trapper T Rex rat trap or Mini Rex mouse trap for times when trapping is a necessary step in the IPM program. Evo Ambush is also compatible with the Protecta Load n Lock base, giving a wider range of anchoring options.

As with all high quality bait stations, the Evo Ambush is fully tamper- resistant, the station can only be accessed with the specially designed key. The baffles keep bait and traps out of reach of children and non- target animals for peace of mind.

Using a professional, efficiently designed bait station such as the Protecta Evo Ambush allows pest managers more time better inspect and evaluate rodent activity, implement exclusionary measures or simply to enhance account profitability.

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