Don’t Forget the Mousetrap

Liphatech’s Mouse Trap is an easy to use, no-fuss trap that gets the job done.

Mousetraps are often overlooked in preference to baits in mice control programs but they have a great role to play, either in combination with baits or as a stand-alone solution, particularly in sensitive accounts. It’s worth recapping the tips for success in a mice-trapping program.

Tips for using mice traps

Mice don’t travel far from their nest. Mice eat small quantities of food in multiple locations. Find their nest and place multiple traps within one to three metres of the nest. Place traps in the high activity areas.

Mice also travel up and down. Placing traps at different heights on shelving units or in cupboards will increase your chance of catching more mice.

Pause your trapping program for a few days. In high infestation areas where trapping is used, the program should be paused for a few days every two to three days, even if mice are still active. That will increase catching rate upon restart. Shuffle the traps around (up, down, sideways) when resuming the trapping program.

Use more traps than you think. Installing a dozen traps for a couple of mice in a residence would be a good starting point.

Offer multiple bait/lure choices. Provide different food types (fat, protein, sweet) but also nesting material in the traps.

Handle traps with gloves. Mice as other rodents are very sensitive to strong odours and some strong chemical smells such as nicotine from smokers may deter them.

New Liphatech mouse trap

Liphatech has recently launched an innovative mousetrap that combines ease of use and great efficiency.

The Mouse Trap tunnel design allows for quick placement in tight places and it also guides mice into the right spot for a quick and humane kill. A small chamber under the mousetrap can hold a lure or attractant; it has been designed to prevent injury to users, even if the trap is set.

The mousetraps are re-usable and safe to use in any situation, from domestic households to commercial offices.

Domestic jobs

Whether you decide to give it away or use it as an ‘up sell’ to your customer, Liphatech’s Mouse Trap is a great way to demonstrate the expertise of your company.

As setting the Mouse Trap is very straight forward, minimal explanations will be required if the homeowner intends to set the traps themselves. The placement of the lure underneath combined with tunnel shape minimises the risk of getting fingers jammed.

For the squeamish homeowner, although easy to confirm a kill, the slightly opaque plastic will conceal the dead mouse inside the trap. Furthermore the ‘no touch’ design means the homeowner does not have to touch the mouse to dispose of it – just release the metal bar and shake the trap above a rubbish bin to dispose of the dead mouse. The ease of disposal is sure to win the customer over – it might also save you a trip back to remove the mouse yourself!

Commercial jobs

The Liphatech Mouse Trap is ideal for kitchen and production areas where bait use is not allowed and other areas such as hotels and cafés, commercial offices and grocery shops, where baiting may not be appropriate.

For large jobs with severe infestations

Liphatech Mouse Trap is fast to service. Unlike regular mouse traps where a careful manipulation is required to prevent setting it off when placing in bait stations, Liphatech Mouse Trap can be set in no time.

By using the Liphatech Mouse Trap you can save time and money. Traditional traps, such as the wooden snap trap, also require to be installed in a bait station to prevent injury, non- target access and to hide any potential kill from view. The Liphatech Mouse Trap is really a combination of trap and bait station – the design limits injury and conceals the dead mouse in the tunnel design.

You save money by buying one item instead of two and save time, with the quick and simple set up. Its sleek design means it can be placed in a variety of placements hidden from employees or patrons (behind or under big furniture, fridge, shelving units, etc.), meaning you can get control where you need it.

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