App for Bell IQ Products is Now FREE

Bell Labs has announced a significant change to the pricing of its Bell Sensing Technologies products.

Bell Laboratories has announced the removal of the monthly subscription fee for the Bell Sensing Technologies app. That means no subscriptions, no charges, and no data fees. Pest managers can use as many iQ devices, at as many accounts, as they like without any charges.

“We are excited to be in the position to offer our Bell Sensing Technologies app and portal without any subscription fee,” said Patrick Lynch, senior vice president of sales at Bell Sensing Technologies.

“We believe using our iQ rodent control product line improves the efficacy and efficiency of rodent control and improves the work lives of our pest manager partners. This strategic initiative is a momentous step towards our long-term goal of having every pest manager around the globe experiencing the myriad of benefits that using iQ products can provide.”

Bell’s full product line of iQ rodent monitoring devices includes bait stations, multiple catch traps and snap traps. iQ products are powered by Bell Sensing Technology, which affordably collects rodent activity data for pest managers via Bluetooth technology. The data gathered improves inspection and overall service for pest managers, letting them know when to add additional bait stations or rodenticide, or which traps need to be serviced.

Not only do pest managers get a full picture of rodent activity at the account, but they will also save a great deal of time on the job site; time that can be used to complete in-depth inspections, implement exclusion efforts, or solve other pest problems.

Bell Labs’ technical services representative Nick Jones commented, “Since we launched iQ Products at Pesticon in June, we have been working with pest managers in the field to demonstrate how iQ can change the way they do rodent control.

“Pest managers are witnessing the enormous benefit of identifying previously unknown information about rodent activity at their accounts. Removal of the subscription fee is an exciting move, taking away any barrier for pest managers to implement iQ, and get sensing today.”

Affordable rodent monitoring is a tool that belongs in every pest manager’s toolbox, and removing any additional fees is another way that Bell is ensuring no pest manager gets left behind.

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