A new industry award sees pest technicians getting the recognition they deserve for their hard work. So, do you have what it takes to be named Pest Technician of the Year 2022?

In April, Professional Pest Manager magazine announced the launch of the Pest Technician of the Year award. Focused on the technicians rather than the companies, the award is designed to find the pest managers who demonstrate a high level of knowledge and excellence in customer service.

“We’re excited to be launching this award. We know some people will say, ‘Not another award’, but there are no national awards or recognition for the pest managers who actually do the work,” said Dr Phil Ridley, director at BD Publications who publishes Professional Pest Manager magazine.

“We are aware that everyone is very busy. As such, we are running the competition in the cooler months when pest managers are generally less hectic. We’ve arrived at a competition format that doesn’t take up much time.”

The first stage of the competition is the completion of an online knowledge test – a 20-question, 10-minute quiz. Pest managers will need to brush up on their pest identification skills, signs of pest activity and knowledge of pest control applications.

“Some questions are easy, but some are hard. Coupled with the time limit on the test, it is designed to find out which pest managers really know their stuff. You only get one shot at the test and once you’ve started you can’t stop – so there’s no opportunity to look up the answers,” said Dr Ridley.

Customer service is also a key element of a pest manager’s skill set. Pest managers will be encouraged to demonstrate this by submitting their customer reviews. In addition to any online reviews they have received, there is a link pest managers can send to customers so they can submit reviews to an online portal.

Pest managers proceeding to the final stage will have their knowledge and customer service skills further tested in a panel interview.

The competition is already open. To register your interest, visit the Pest Technician of the Year Awards page.

The competition is open to employees, contractors and sole traders – anyone who is actually carrying out pest control services. Pest technicians self-nominate, although for employees and contractors it is useful to have line managers on board as you will need their support in providing customer reviews.

The knowledge test will close at the end of June, so pest managers are encouraged to sign up for an information pack and then complete the quiz as soon as possible. Professional Pest Manager magazine is grateful for the support of Agserv in supporting the competition and winners will be announced during the Pestech roadshows in September.

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