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Pest Technician of the Year

Pest technician of the Year Award logo

Proudly sponsored by Agserv

Agserv logo

Pest Technician of the Year is an annual award for Australian pest managers,
recognising excellence in both technical knowledge and customer service.

The competition is open to all pest managers (whether employee, business owner or sole trader)

You self-nominate – if you think you’re up to the challenge, just have a go!

Although anyone can have a go at the technical knowledge test, as customer reviews are part of the overall assessment, you will need to get the support of your manager / boss to complete the customer feedback element of the competition.

To enter or get more information simply complete the registration form below.

You will then be emailed the relevant information to guide you through the process.

Completing the form doesn’t commit you to entering the competition. It simply registers your interest and allows you to receive the necessary information.

There are 3 parts to the competition:

Complete an online technical test

The online technical assessment is designed to find the real pest control experts.

  • You can only attempt it once (so make sure you don’t have any distractions)
  • The test is time bound (you won’t have time to look up answers)
  • The assessment includes a some easy questions, but some will be hard to separate out candidates

Provide evidence of excellent customer service

Competitors will be able to provide evidence of excellence in customer services in two ways:

  • Online reviews that mention their name
  • Reviews submitted through the competition portal

If you are part of large organisation that makes it difficult to get personal online reviews, still enter the competition and we will assess your customer services skills separately.

Finalists will undergo further examination of their customer service skills, both in the panel interview (see below) and through additional in-depth feedback from one or two willing customers.

Panel Interview

The finalists will be interviewed by an industry panel.

We understand that everyone is very busy so we have tried to keep the time commitment as low as possible, whilst still allowing us to assess the quality of the candidates. For example, the online assessment has a maximum time limit of 10 minutes.

We are running the competition during the cooler months when pest managers will have more time to participate.

  • Registration opens at the start of April.
  • The technical assessment can be completed from May onwards.
  • Online assessment opportunity closes at the end of July.
  • Customer feedback component also needs to be submitted by 7th August.
  • Interviews will take place during August.
  • The winners are announced during Pestech Roadshows in September.

This competition is not so much about prizes but the recognition that comes with winning Pest Technician of the Year.

There will be only one winner and two runner up awards. The winner will receive $1000 and the two runners up will receive $500 each.

No, neither. The competition is run by Professional Pest Manager magazine but there is no requirement to be a subscriber to the magazine or a customer of Agserv to enter. 

Pest Technician of the Year Registration form

The competition closed on 30th June. (There's always next year!)