Ensystex adds the Birchmeier range of European sprayers to its application equipment offering. 

Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG is a global leader in premium quality sprayers for professional markets. In fact, Birchmeier invented the world’s first backpack sprayer in 1890, and has remained the leading innovator in sprayer design for over 140 years. With each Birchmeier product, professionals benefit not only from top quality, functionality and durability, but also a 10-year spare parts guarantee.

Birchmeier quality all comes down to generations of metals experience and high-precision engineering skills. People in Switzerland have precision in their genes and, because of the heritage of the watch industry, a lot of specialist technologies are available in Switzerland: micro-electronics, plastic injection, silicon technology, moulding, etc. There is deep experience in all of these areas.

As an innovation company currently trading in more than 40 countries, it was natural that Birchmeier linked with the Innovations Team at Ensystex to bring their extensive range of sprayers to the Australian market. Regional Director for Ensystex, Steve Broadbent, commented, “We are really pleased to partner with a company of the profile and international expertise of Birchmeier. The Swiss reputation for excellence in robust, precision engineering is evident in all their sprayers. Birchmeier represents a strong partner for spraying, dosing and foaming, and provides more than just a sprayer.”

The range includes:

  • hand or pressurised sprayers
  • battery-powered sprayers
  • powder dusters
  • foamers
  • efficient granular spreaders and more.

The 10-year spare parts guarantee gives Australian pest managers added peace of mind.

“Most importantly,” added Mr Broadbent, “Birchmeier quality sprayers are all still made at Stetten in Switzerland. With other companies switching to production in China, this commitment to Swiss excellence is very important.”

Spray-Matic 5L Stainless Steel Sprayer

Birchmeier’s ecological Accu-Power Range is particularly exciting for professionals in Australia. These battery-powered models provide the same power as motorised units, yet they are quiet and produce zero emissions. All models come with smart pressure control and a wide range of accessories to optimise their use.

“With a range of models available, it will now be possible for Australian pest controllers to jettison their noisy truck-mounted sprayers for a high performance battery unit delivering quiet output and less vibration, comfortable engine starting (no starter), low operating costs (no use of petrol and no petrol storage necessary) and, in the case of backpack models, optimum comfort due to their ergonomic design,” explained Mr Broadbent.

The Accu-Power REC 15 10L Battery Power Knapsack Sprayer

“Battery life depends on pressure and model, with units all offering 10 hours or more continuous operation using advanced technology fast-charge (1-2 hours) Li-ion batteries with quick change feature available.”

The Accu-Power BM 1035 replaces petrol driven pumps

Ensystex will be giving further information about the Birchmeier range in the coming months, including the establishment of showroom and service facilities in both Brisbane and Sydney.

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