The Pro-Reel spray rig is an adaptable, flexible unit that can be customised to meet any pest manager’s needs. 

One of Goldacres’ most versatile spray units, the Pro-Reel is now in a new range of specifications and configurations – including ‘design your own’.

The Pro-Reel features a remote controlled hose reel with state of the art, high frequency radio electronics to control hose retraction and engine kill – even when the operator is out of sight of the base unit.

Suitable for a range of pest control applications, the Pro-Reel is offered in Tub Mate, Skid Base and Tray Mate configurations that are complemented by a Deluxe model which allows full customisation to the user’s requirements.

Pro-Reel Skid Base and Tub Mate slide neatly in most twin cab ute tubs with the tailgate shut allowing for quick and easy set-up and safe transport. The work ready Tray Mate model is designed for flat top ute or truck trays as well as trailers.

Pro-Reel Skid Base is fitted with a 400 litre skid base tank with single 100m Pro-Reel fitted with an Iota 20 L/min, 280psi pump and 3hp Honda engine. A DS three-way manual control with dump valve and Turbo 400 gun rounds out the compact package which measures just 1490mm long x 760mm wide x 1320mm high.

Available with the choice of 200 or 300 litre tanks the Pro-Reel Tub Mate features a 20 L/min 280psi Iota pump and a 3hp Honda petrol motor. A three-way control and 50, 100 or 150 metres of super tough, kink free 8mm Nylon 12 hose fitted with an AA30L trigger gun.

Goldacres’ Pro-Reel Tray Mate is a work ready unit suitable for flat tray or trailer mount and comes in range of 200-800 litre tank capacities. The single hose reel features a range of lengths up to 150 metres of kink free 8mm hose and a 20 L/min pump on smaller models and a 40 L/min 580psi Udor Kappa diaphragm pump on larger models. A three way manual control and turbo 400 gun complete the Tray Mate.

Adding to worksite flexibility, Pro-Reel Tray Mate and Deluxe models can also be fitted with twin auto wind reels and options including a 12v reel drive powered by a Honda or high output Robin petrol engine.

All Pro-Reels can be further optioned with features including ground level backpack filling from the main tank and WHS fittings including hand wash tanks and soap dispensers.

Pro-Reel Deluxe allows full customisation of the rig to suit specific needs. Goldacres’ government and contracting business manager, Laurie Egan said custom built units included full trailered models, truck mounted models and units with twin and triple hose reels, tanks sizes up to 2000 litres and custom positioning of reels and fittings to suit specific applications.

“With the advanced Australian designed and made Pro-Reel remote control reel technology at the heart of the unit, end users have designed any manner of configurations as Deluxe Pro-Reel models to suit applications including commercial pest control, weed spraying and local council.

“Deluxe offers a number of engine and pump options available to match up to 150 metres of hose as well as tanks sizes from 200 to 2000 litres.

“The Pro-Reel Tub Mate and Skid Base units are a recent addition to the range allowing pest controllers to simply slide the self-contained unit into a twin cab ute tray and shut the tailgate and head to the worksite.

“A key advantage Pro-Reel offers is an established Australia-wide dealer network with full parts and service backup. Goldacres has been around for 37 years so users can be assured of the sort of support that professional pest managers need to keep them operating.

“We’ve also got some exciting new developments in store in the coming months that will deliver even greater benefits to users,” said Mr Egan.