Green Gorilla backpack sprayers allow for quick and efficient spraying on the job. 

Are you sick of pumping your tank sprayer by hand? Pump sprayers are the mainstay of pest managers in general pest control, but they are
old technology. Apart from the need to regularly pump, it’s important to monitor spray rates as the pressure changes to ensure accurate application.

The Green Gorilla ProLine uses Smart Pressure Technology (SPT) to precisely control pressure automatically, eliminating manual pumping.

This technology isn’t only a convenience factor. The Green Gorilla professional spray system offers you significant return on your investment, by reducing spray time by as much as 25 percent when compared to conventional hand sprayers, as well as efficiently using your chemicals each and every time you spray.

A 25% savings in time can result in a 20-hour saving over a four week period, which adds directly to your bottom line.

The ProLine system is uniquely different from other ‘powered’ sprayers. Utilising smart pressure technology (SPT), the Green Gorilla ProLine pressurises the air in the tank for efficient and consistent application of material, compared to pumping the tank contents directly. By pressurising the air in the tank, the life of the rechargeable lithium ion power cells are maximised due to the latest power density technology. This results in a full day of spraying on a single charge.

The sprayer is available in five and ten litre sizes and in varying configurations to meet the specific equipment needs of professional pest managers. As well as an automatic safety shut-off and multiple wand options, the Green Gorilla ProLine has a range of other features you would expect from a quality sprayer; built-in drip cup, strain relief springs, chemical-resistant hose, anti-tip base and fully-adjustable backpack harness.

Green Gorilla spray systems are available from all Agserv Pest Control Supplies stores.

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