Jason Green introduces Agserv’s new line of Green Gorilla hand sprayers from Forefront Product Design. 

In recent times, we have noticed a real change in the desire of pest managers to have reliable, quality equipment and devices. Gone are the days of a simple tank, pump and reel combo, a hand sprayer and dust puffer. Today’s pest managers value their equipment and are looking for kit that is safe, modern and reliable – a true partner to their business.

At Agserv, we are designing and assembling full vehicle spray rig systems, repairing pumps and sprayers, and providing new equipment, repair parts and accessories on a daily basis. We are working with our local and overseas manufacturers and suppliers to provide the best application tools available.

One of the most recent additions to our portfolio is the ProLine range of Green Gorilla hand sprayers from Forefront Product Design. Built in the USA, the ProLine range utilises a unique lithium-ion-powered, micro-processor-controlled power pack to pressurise the spray tank and maintain a constant, even pressure (Figure 1). By working hand in hand with industry experts, Green Gorilla has developed the first automated delivery system for pest control professionals. Green Gorilla is available in 5L and 10L capacities, both equipped with a quality trigger wand and nozzle sprayer combination.

The pest control industry is very labour intensive, so not worrying about stopping to pump means you can concentrate on delivering the treatment, saving both time and money, while providing your customer with a higher quality service.

The feedback has been very positive from pest managers across the world. John Faulkner of Faulkner Pest Service in Texas, USA, commented, “The Green Gorilla has been a great addition to our arsenal in serving our residential and commercial pest customers. We use the Green Gorilla as an outside perimeter treatment to control ants, cockroaches, and crickets. The battery pack allows us to perform the service quicker.”

Tim Regal of Regal Pest Control in Michigan, USA, said, “Having a compressed air sprayer that enabled a steady rate of delivery is, in my opinion, the next generation of spray technology. The lithium ion battery provides for consistent, uninterrupted service.”

Whilst back home in Australia, Neil Raw from Innovative Pest Control in Adelaide commented, “Best sprayer I’ve ever used and I love the fact that I can complete a full day’s work without the need to manually pump the system. It’s also a great talking point with customers who often comment on the modern, professional look of the unit. I’m especially pleased that all my existing B&G wands and nozzles interchange with the Green Gorilla, so I didn’t have any additional outlay for accessories.”

Figure 1: Green Gorilla’s PowerPack X sustains a higher rate of pressure than a manually pumped tank

The Green Gorilla range is truly a new development in sprayer technology and the perfect tool to partner you in the success of your business. Visit your local Agserv branch for a demonstration – we’d love to show you the system and demonstrate how Green Gorilla can increase your productivity and consequently your profits.

Jason Green, General Manager, Agserv

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