Give Your Spray Equipment the All Clear

Using a professional cleaning solution to clear out spray equipment has numerous benefits over flushing with water alone. 

Maintaining spray equipment is a crucial practice for pest management professionals, with numerous benefits that contribute to the success and sustainability of pest control operations. But should you use a professional cleaning product rather than just flushing with water alone?

One of the key advantages of using a professional cleaning product for maintaining sprayers is the prolonged lifespan of the equipment. Like other agricultural and horticultural equipment, pest control hand sprayers and tanks are exposed to various pesticides and chemicals, which can be corrosive and damaging over time. Residues left in the tanks can lead to rust, clogs, and other forms of deterioration.

All Clear DS distributed by Liphatech contains surfactants to physically remove residue and detergents to solubilise and break down residues before sequestrants ‘lock up’ the molecules. The low foam formulation then allows for easy rinse out. All Clear DS is non-corrosive so it works well on any stainless steel or brass equipment including spray tips. By keeping equipment clean, pest management professionals can prevent damage, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements and ensuring the longevity of their equipment.


All Clear DS features three modes of action


The effectiveness of pesticide applications is closely tied to the cleanliness of pest control spray equipment. Any residue or contamination in the hand or tank sprayers can interfere with the proper distribution and application of the pesticides. Inadequate cleaning can result in uneven and ineffective pest control, in turn leading to financial losses and potential pest-related damage. All Clear DS is specifically formulated to remove all traces of pesticides, ensuring that subsequent pesticide applications are efficient, reliable, and maximise pest control outcomes.

Increased operator safety is another critical benefit of using a professional cleaning product for maintaining spray equipment. Pesticides used in pest control operations are designed to combat pests, so residues or remnants left in hand or tank sprayers can pose a potential health risk to pest control operators if these residues are accidentally handled, spilled or inhaled. If these build up over time there is no knowing what the actual residue composition is. All Clear DS is designed to break down and neutralise pesticides, making sure that no harmful residues are left in spray equipment, which is not the case if equipment is flushed with water alone.

Environmental responsibility is a fundamental consideration in pest control operations. The improper cleaning of pest control spray equipment can lead to pesticide contamination in soil, water bodies, and the air, which has the potential to harm local ecosystems, wildlife, and humans. Using All Clear DS, which is specifically formulated to break down and neutralise pesticides, ensures that these chemicals are safely disposed of, preventing environmental damage and reducing the ecological footprint of pest control operations. This is part of a pest management professional’s overall obligation to adhere to regulatory standards and guidelines.

In summary, using a professional cleaning product to clean and maintain hand and tank sprayers has numerous benefits, which collectively contribute to the overall success and sustainability of pest control operations. Pest management professionals can achieve cleaner, safer, and more effective pest control practices while reducing their environmental impact and any potential legal risks.

All Clear DS is available Australia wide at your local pest control distributor.

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