Innovative Pest Control Products offers a wide range of ant and insect bait stations. 

Liquid and gel ant baits have long been great tools for eliminating ant nests, especially for sugar-feeding ants. However, they can be messy or unsafe for pets and children if they aren’t contained properly. Adding bait stations to an ant treatment plan is an ideal solution, allowing pest managers to deliver a professional and safe ant treatment with less worry for homeowners. Bait stations also have the added benefit of giving improved performance of ant control programs and can even save you money.

Innovative Pest Control Products’ bait station range offers pest managers a number of novel bait stations designed for a variety of different use situations. Many pest managers are familiar with the original Ant Café on the Australian market (main picture, above) but there are several other bait stations on the market in the US.

The original Ant Café was developed to hold liquid, gel, and granular ant baits. Its unique design allows it to be placed vertically or horizontally, although it should only be placed vertically when used with liquid baits. As a refillable container, it protects the bait from desiccation and contamination, ensuring bait palatability for an extended period.

The new Ant Café Pro has greater volume and a design that allows the bait station to be used for small and large ants, as well as German cockroaches. The pre-formed hole, which is sized for small ants, can be doubled in size if targeting large ants or German cockroaches, by simply inserting a pen into the hole. Like the original Ant Café, Ant Café Pro can be locked with its moulded locking mechanism.

For those looking for a single bait station option for both ants and cockroaches (large and small), the Bug Bar Insect Bait Station is an attractive option. Able to accommodate liquid, gel, or granular bait, the clever design allows the bait to be refilled with gel or liquid even when closed, through the port on the top of the bait station. Ribs on the entry way make it easy for cockroaches to gain access.

Bug Bar Insect
Bait Station

Although the Ant Cafés can be positioned outside with the cable tie fixing system, an alternative option for outdoor areas is the Antopia bait system. Capable of holding granular, gel or liquid baits, the large reservoir (holds up to 400 ml) and UV protective design means it is ideal for use outdoors over an extended period. The Antopia bait system opens up new opportunities for the use of baits outdoors, which also could involve their inclusion in maintenance programs and to intercept ants from neighbouring properties, all with minimum input from the pest manager.

Antopia is a large bait station for outdoor use that features a 400 ml reservoir

Bait stations are a must for pest managers, not only demonstrating professionalism and awareness of safety concerns, but they deliver a range of performance benefits and can deliver cost savings. Colony elimination avoids the necessity of return visits due to lack of control or to top up bait stations. Bait stations help reduce the number of costly maintenance visits by ensuring the bait remains palatable for an extended period, allow placement of an increased quantity of bait to combat larger nests, and allow homeowners the flexibility to move the bait station to new areas of activity if required.

“Innovative Pest Control Products has developed a range of ant and cockroach bait stations for a wide variety of situations,” commented Sarah Bernard, technical director. “The key to achieving ant control is to ensure elimination of the queen and this can only be achieved by delivering sufficient bait to the colony. Our ant bait stations have large reservoirs or refill options to ensure sufficient bait is available and remains palatable over an extended period. With a small investment in our reusable bait stations, pest managers can deliver superior results more efficiently and with greater safety. And of course the professional look and professional results will help referrals.”

Innovation Pest Control Products is encouraging pest managers to contact their distributor for more information on its range of bait stations.

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