Agserv prides itself on providing pest managers with an impressive range of termite management products, along with expert advice from in-house teams.

“Termite work”. The very words can strike terror into the heart of even the most experienced pest control operator, but it needn’t be so. When thinking about termite control, consider Agserv as your specialist partner in product supply and support. Agserv stocks all of the major termiticides as well as the associated hardware and delivery systems to carry out effective control and eradication of this most serious of pests.


Termiticide sprays

Agserv offers a very wide range of pesticides specific to termite control.


Termite baits and bait stations

Above ground or below ground options are available. Branch staff can advise on the features and benefits of each option. Learn about station placement, how often to check your baits and more.


Termite barriers

Reticulation systems have been used for many years to regularly apply termiticide under and around buildings. Termite control sheeting is used to deter subterranean termites from gaining concealed access to a property and is designed to last the life of the building. Agserv staff can explain the various installation options available.


Physical barriers

Agserv offers a variety of collar barriers to prevent invasion through utility inlets, each with its own features and benefits depending on the particular situation.


Application equipment

A wide choice of the best in pneumatic or battery powered sprayers, nozzles, triggers and wands along with bulb applicators for termite dusts are available at every branch.


Inspection tools

Moisture meters and thermal cameras used alongside the best in professional torches and dongers will help you to unearth hidden problem areas. Find out what is best for you – and your pocket!


Spray rigs

This is a real specialty for Agserv; they can build a rig to your specifications or help you to design and build exactly what you need to match your requirements. A huge range of tanks, pumps, hose reels and spray guns are available to choose from. John Rutledge, technical sales leader at Agserv’s Sydney office, is pictured above next to the spray units he built and tested.


Associated hardware

Many hardware products are required to complete a termite job. Agserv branches carry drills and drill bits, concrete nail guns, slab injectors and soil probes. ConSeals or Go Plugs are available to provide a waterproof seal to holes drilled in concrete.

Termite work can be challenging. Visit your local Agserv branch and let the trained and readily available staff help you decide on the best approach for each situation.

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